Bespoke Cold Room & Temperature Controlled Projects

MTCSS Contracts are the experts when it comes to designing and building bespoke temperature controlled envelopes. We work as main contractors on cold storage, overseeing every aspect from design & installation to health & safety and waste management.

Turnkey cold storage projects span a wide range of industries including; food & drink retail and manufacturing, warehousing & distribution, pharmaceutical & medical, aeronautical & automotive and farming and agriculture. We have worked with businesses across these industries and more, supplying and installing bespoke cold rooms, walk in chillers and walk in freezers to suit their application.

Whether you require a dual compartment cold room to store meat products, or you need a 100,000m³ warehouse transformed into temperature controlled rooms for pharmaceutical storage – MTCSS Contracts have the knowledge and expertise to work alongside you to design bespoke cold storage for your specification.

Find out more about the elements of a temperature controlled and bespoke cold room project below – or get in touch with our team to discuss your project by filling in a form here!

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So what is involved in a bespoke / custom turnkey project?

We can take on every element of the cold storage design, supply and install, including;
• chillers, freezers and ambient areas
• cold room doors – from hinged & sliding doors to high speed doors
• cold room flooring
• temperature control – including refrigeration, air conditioning and lighting

But what if I don’t know what I want or need?

The MTCSS Contracts team will work with you to understand your business and its processes, so we can help design the perfect cold storage solution for you. We can do this via a telephone or video call, or if required a site survey. If you would like to find out more about how we can help you and your business – you can fill in an enquiry form here and one of our team will get back to you within 24 hrs.

If you have drawings, specifications and other details already – you can send them to or give us a call on 01886 358259

Elements of a Custom Cold Room

The type of cold room we will select is dependent on what you are using your cold room for, as the temperature range you require will be dependent on the products you would like to store :

  • chiller cold rooms+0 to +8 degrees
  • freezer cold rooms-1 to -40 degrees
  • dual compartment cold rooms– one cold room split into two rooms, these can be 2 chillers, 2 freezer or a chiller and a freezer. You can also have multi-compartment cold rooms!
  • ambient areas – +10 to +30 degrees

Chillers, freezers and ambient temperature control rooms are built from Kingspan IPN Quadcore panel.

Cold rooms and ambient areas need an access point (or multiple), which are selected based on who and what accesses the temperature controlled rooms and the frequency of use.

  • hinged doors– are ideal for pedestrian access, smaller sized doors and cold rooms which don’t have a high volume of traffic
  • sliding doors – are ideal for pallet access, larger sized doors (easier to open than hinged doors!)
  • high speed doors– are ideal for forklift or vehicle access, larger sized doors and high volumes of traffic

Our door range has doors for varying temperature ranges and we have cold room doors suitable for automation.

The type of flooring using in your chiller / freezer cold room or ambient room is dependent on what is being stored and who / what will be accessing and moving around the room. For example, if you only have pedestrian foot traffic coming in out and out of your temperature controlled room, you won’t need a heavy duty floor in comparison to a room which has pallet trucks or vehicles coming in and out.

Types of flooring for cold rooms and ambient rooms :

  • insulated floor with hexafloor finish– perfect for small capacity cold rooms with pedestrian footfall
  • insulated floor with plywood & overlay – ideal for small to large cold rooms which have pedestrian footfall and rooms which are used to store racking and pallets
  • altro floor– this flooring is ideal for rooms which are cleaned regularly and require water / chemical resistance such as dairies, abattoirs and butchers shops
  • resin floor ideal for rooms which require regularly cleaning, with the benefit you are able integrate drainage systems. Making them ideal for liquid produce storage, as well as rooms with heavy footfall and vehicle traffic
  • granolithic screed floor– perfect for rooms which require forklift and pallet truck access, commonly found in retail, pharmaceutical and growing industries

Temperature control is key to your cold room or ambient room running efficiently and effectively. With various refrigeration and temperature control options available, MTCSS Contracts takes away any confusion by working with you to understand what system will benefit your storage solution:

  • monoblock refrigeration system – a ‘plug and play’ integral refrigeration system which is installed through the cold room wall and ideal for small capacity chiller and freezer cold roomssplit refrigeration systems – ideal for small to large capacity chiller and freezer cold rooms and include an evaporator and compressor unit
  • 100% back up refrigeration – this means that in event of power or refrigeration failure, a system will kick in to ensure your products are continuously protected in the event of emergency
  • ambient temperature control– for rooms which require specific temperatures above +10 degrees, we can provide an ambient temperature controlled solution
  • air conditioning– for areas that require air conditioning, such as offices and kitchens

MTCSS Contracts also supplies and installs chiller / freezer cold room and ambient room lighting solutions. We work with innovative suppliers and LED lighting manufacturers to provide the highest quality lighting solutions for your temperature controlled rooms.

How MTCSS Contracts can help you and your business

Perhaps you know exactly what you’re looking for when it comes to a cold storage solution, with drawings and specifications to hand, the MTCSS Contracts team can work with you to design chiller and freezers cold rooms, ambient areas and any other cold storage requirements. We can handle everything from supply and installing to health & safety and waste management, working as main contractors on your project or as the primary cold storage install team.

But if you don’t know exactly what you want or need – that’s okay too! We are here to help! We can talk through your ideas, your business processes and requirements to design a temperature controlled solution to suit you and your budget.

Get in touch with a member of our team today – fill in an enquiry form here, call us on 01886 358259 or email us at

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