Can I Convert Part Of My Warehouse Into A Cold Room?



In times of economic disruption, every business is looking for ways to keep costs low. If your business needs additional storage without a huge capital overlay, one option is to convert an existing warehouse space into a cold room. Here’s a quick guide to how it’s done, and how to avoid running into costly headaches.

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How Can I Convert An Ordinary Room Into A Cold Room?

Almost any space can, in theory, be converted into a cold storage room. The first step is to install cold room panels, ensuring that the seals are airtight. Different temperature requirements demand different levels of insulation, so make sure this is calculated properly, especially as the type of insulation will have a significant effect on the cost of running the cold room.

How Can I Maximise Efficiency?

This is one of the big challenges of cold room design. Purpose-built cold rooms combine specialised insulation with tight seals to stop air escaping, dramatically reducing energy demand. Get it wrong, and your unit will be working overtime, especially if air is escaping too, and this ramps up the bills while risking ruined products. It’s worth getting a quote from a cold room specialist such as MTCSS; we can advise you on the best and most cost-effective way of regulating your cold storage space without excessive energy use. To be sure that your cold room will be built up to standard, thereby saving you money on energy bills, look for testimonials before choosing a walk-in cold room supplier.

Will My Warehouse Cold Room Conversion Be Safe?

Safety is where the big red flags start waving. The first is outlined by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), who stipulate that everything from emergency exits, emergency lighting, worker alarms, and freeze-proof door release systems may need to be installed and maintained. Additional considerations, such as the anti-slip qualities of the floor and handles, also need to be included in the safety plan. These advanced features are difficult to install without professional input, and if the room is leaking or the A/C unit is too powerful for the space, they may not work even if they are fitted.

The second safety red flag involves the potential for fluorinated gasses to leak. This is a criminal act under F-Gas (EC) 842/2006, and can result in fines and prosecutions.

How Can I Guarantee A Successful, Affordable Cold Room Project?

The only way to truly save money on a cold room is to invest in one that is guaranteed to work. Although the initial outlay for a cold room warehouse conversion might seem high in comparison, the overall savings are considerable. Manufactured walk-in cold rooms are highly efficient and reliable, ensuring that neither energy nor produce are wasted. They are also fully compliant with health and safety and environmental laws, avoiding the risk of hefty fines. Purpose-built cold rooms are also rapid to install in a wide variety of spaces, preventing hours of time being wasted in a trial-and-error approach.

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If you would like to learn more about how a new cold room could be a worthwhile addition to your warehouse, the team at MTCSS are here to discuss the details with you. Get in touch today to find out more.

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