Benefits of Insulated High-Speed Doors for Industrial Cold Rooms

Benefits of Insulated High-Speed Doors for Industrial Cold Rooms

At MTCSS we provide a range of high-speed doors for use with an industrial cold room. We are a UK agent for Nergeco Entrematic whose high-speed doors offer many benefits to companies who use them. You are sure to find the ideal cold room doors amongst our selection.

Varied Speeds

Our doors operate at speeds between 40 and 48 inches per second. The speed of a door will impact on how efficient a cold storage facility is.

If your door is open for a long period or takes a while to open and close, the cold room will have to work harder to maintain the correct temperature because of the warmer air entering it. This will cause an increase in your energy bills. Having a door that can open and close quickly when required reduces the amount of warm air that can enter your chiller or freezer and in turn helps to keep your bills as low as possible. Our doors can cut energy consumption by up to 32% thanks to the speed at which they operate.

To ensure our high-speed doors are safe for users they each will reopen in the event of any impacts. They are extremely resistant to bumps and scrapes too. In the event of any damage, you can contact our maintenance team, who can quickly repair your door thanks to the large stock of cold rooms parts they carry.

Choose Your Ideal Style

A massive advantage of high-speed doors is that you have so many different styles to choose from. You are able to pick the door you require depending on the type of cold room you have or the application you wish to use your cold storage for.

We offer the following door types:

Each has differing properties that will allow you to choose the ideal door for your needs. They include things such as the following:

  • The structure
    • What do the dimensions of the doors need to be?
    • Will the door need to include windows?
    • Will it be made from steel or composite?
  • The door or curtain type
    • Is it a roll-up door or fold up door that you require?
    • Does it need to have anti-freeze features?

These are the different characteristics each of our door types can vary in so as to suit the requirements of your company.

Different Levels of Insulation

The items you are going to store will determine the amount of insulation your door will need. Whether you are separating a cold storage facility from areas of your premises that are at room temperature, or multiple chiller or freezer cold rooms from one another, will also play a part in the insulation you require.

Our doors offer single, double or triple layer insulation. Typically, the colder you require the room to be, the more insulation you will need unless you are separating two chiller or freezer areas of different temperatures. In that case, a single layer will suffice to create the two separate zones.

Find Out More

If you wish to talk through Nergeco high-speed doors with our experienced team you can call us on 01886 481 040. You can also contact us via We will be more than happy to answer your questions.

How To Correctly Use Cold Storage For Food

How To Correctly Use Cold Storage For Food

At MTCSS we supply cold rooms that are used by businesses from a variety of industries. They include food and drink manufacture, food and drink retail as well as the hotel and restaurant sector.

Our experienced team have put together a few tips that will help you to correctly use cold storage for food at your premises. Once you have a cold storage solution installed it is imperative that you use it properly to gain the best results possible from the unit.

Check Optimal Storage Temperatures

Whether you store one type of food or many different types it is worth remembering that meat, fruits and vegetables are sometimes required to be stored at different temperatures.

Get to know the ideal temperatures your goods can be stored at and adjust the settings of your cold room accordingly. Storing your stock at the optimal temperature will ensure its quality is maintained for as long as possible.

Keep Your Unit Clean

It is important that you keep your cold storage unit clean. Dirt and dust are not only bad for the items you a storing inside but if they are allowed to build-up, they could cause damage to your unit as well as reducing its efficiency.

Make sure you keep your cold room clean and that you report any damage to our maintenance team as soon as possible. Broken panels or cold room parts will have a huge, negative effect on the efficiency and overall performance of the room.

Consider Stock Rotation

Keep on top of when your stock is going to go out of date. Move things that need to be used soon to the front of your shelves and add fresh products with a later expiry date to the back of the unit. The items that need to be used first will then be chosen to be cooked or included in a recipe. Stock rotation is a great way to avoid wastage.

Organise Your Storage

It is imperative that to avoid contamination, raw and cooked produce are never placed next to or near each other inside your cold room. Always keep them separate. You should also avoid handling different meats, and raw and cooked stock, one after the other.

You should place meat, fruit and vegetables in separate sections of your cold storage unit. If you do not you increase the likelihood of your items spoiling.

Get in touch with MTCSS

If you would like to discuss with our team how to correctly use your cold room to store food, you can call us on 01886 481 047. You can also contact us via We can answer any queries and questions you have and provide you with any further information you need.

How to Manage Your Cold Room

How to Manage Your Cold Room

Have you recently invested in a cold room? At MTCSS we know exactly what steps you need to take to correctly manage your new cold storage solution. Our team have a combination of more than 50 years of industry related experience so you can rest assured we know what is required to properly look after your cold room.

Keep a clean cold room

You must keep your cold room clean if you want it to work as efficiently as possible. The room needs to be kept free of dirt and dust so that there are no blockages that will prevent an optimal air output.

Warm air from inside your cold storage facility needs to be able to escape, allowing the room to stay at the temperature you require. An accumulation of dust will stop that being able to happen so your cold room will have to work harder to keep the room cold. This will increase the chance of a breakdown and will also see a rise in the costs of your energy bills.

Make sure it is regularly maintained

While cleaning the cold room is a vital part of the overall management of your cold room, it is also important that if you spot any damage you immediately contact our team of maintenance engineers. Broken parts or insulation panels will have a massive, adverse effect on the functionality and efficiency of the room.

We serve companies from a variety of industries who are based all over the UK. We are ideally located near several major road networks and motorway routes. Wherever you are located we can be there to repair and maintain your cold storage units and parts.

Keep the doors shut and add curtains

Another aspect you need to manage properly is how often, and how long, your cold room doors will be open.

An open door allows the cold air inside to escape and to be replaced by warmer air from outside the room. Make sure doors are closed behind you as this prevents the need for cold rooms to overwork to maintain its temperature. We offer a variety of doors for you to choose from. They suit a range of requirements such as whether you need forklift access.

If you require the door to be open longer than a standard opening and closing movement then we recommend you add insulated curtains. They fit snug against your walls, ceiling and the floor and prevent any airflow.

Get in touch with MTCSS

If you require any further information or you would simply like a chat about how to manage your cold room, call our team on 01886 481 042. You can also contact us at We can answer any questions you have about our range of services.

Ways to Achieve Efficient Cold Storage

Ways to Achieve Efficient Cold Storage

Does your business use cold storage to house stock? Are you struggling to get it to run efficiently? At MTCSS we offer a wide range of solutions that provide effective cold storage.

Our team collectively have over 50 years of industry experience. We know exactly what it takes to efficiently store your products and stock regardless of the sector your firm is based in. We provide our products and services to a whole host of industries.

Use a Cold Room

The type, and amount, of items you store you will determine the kind of cold storage room you use. A cold room is used to house stock instead of multiple fridges or freezers. We offer a variety of cold rooms.

Industrial cold rooms are normally used for large properties with a lot of stock. They boost the efficiency of your business property and can vastly improve the quality of the services you offer. Why use multiple units when you can reduce your outgoings and enhance the organisation of your products with a singular cold storage facility?

Modular cold rooms are for smaller, commercial businesses and are built using insulated lightweight panels. They can be quickly installed at your premises.

Our walk-in cold rooms and walk-in freezers are usually used by supermarkets or for medical facilities to house supplies. They are considerably more efficient than using several smaller, traditional fridges and freezers to keep your goods in.

Install a Cold Room Door

No cold room is complete without the correct cold room door. The door you choose will depend on the temperature you wish to store your items at. We offer doors for both positive and negative temperature storage.

The way you need to access the room will also determine the style of door you choose. Will you need room for forklift access? Will you need to use a roller shutter that can quickly open and close to preserve insulation?

Choose from the following door types at MTCSS:

Remember to Maintain

The reason your cold storage is inefficient may simply be that it requires maintenance or the addition of something like an insulated curtain. They prevent cold air from escaping when a door is open, helping the room to remain at its optimal temperature.

Our nationwide maintenance service is performed by a team of highly qualified engineers. They each have IPAF, PASMA, SPA, CsCs qualifications and can swiftly fix any problems you have. This is made possible thanks to our large stock of cold room parts and spares. Even the smallest repair could see a rapid improvement in the efficiency of the cold storage solution you have in place.

Contact MTCSS

If you are looking for cold storage solutions, or require any information about our services, do not hesitate to call us on 01886 481 041. Our knowledgeable, experienced team can answer any queries you have. You can also contact us by submitting your details to our enquiry form or via

Signs Your Cold Room Needs a Service

Signs Your Cold Room Needs a Service

Are you unsure when your cold room requires a service? Here at MTCSS, we recognise the exact signs that mean your unit needs maintenance. Our staff has in excess of 50 years’ industry experience. We call on this to quickly solve any problems your cold storage facility has, but when does your cold room require servicing?

It is inefficient

If your bill is higher than normal, there is a good chance your cold room has a fault and needs servicing. This is unless there is a reasonable explanation like one of the doors was left open for too long during loading. That can lead to an increased bill as your cold room will need to work harder to maintain temperature because of the warmer air entering through the door.

Another sign your cold room is inefficient is if it cannot reach the correct temperature when it is completely full. If it can only reach the desired temperature with a few items in, then you need to get it serviced as soon as possible. No matter how empty or full it is, it should be able to reach the temperature you need your items to be stocked at.

Insulated curtains

If your room is inefficient we can replace or add insulation curtains to your cold room. They fit snug against the wall, ceiling and floor to stop air moving from one part of the room to the other. If they are torn or damaged, our new replacements can return your room to the peak efficiency that it received when the original curtains were installed.

Parts are broken or damaged

It is imperative that if you see any damage to your cold room, or if any parts break, you contact us.  Structural damage like a cracked wall or door will prevent the unit from working efficiently, while a door that can no longer close fully will see your bills increase rapidly. They are both signs your cold room needs a service. Other instances where you will need repairs are if your insulated curtains have ripped or if a handle has broken on your cold room door.

Below see the areas we can help with. We offer the repair and replacements of various parts:

  • Insulated Panels
  • Insulated Curtains
  • Doors
  • Tracks
  • Pressure Release Valve
  • Corner Trims

MTCSS Maintenance

We serve businesses from all over the country as we are based near major motorway routes and road networks. So, no matter where you are located, we can be there to provide the maintenance you need. If you require our services, you can call our team on 01886 833381. Alternatively, contact us via our email We serve firms from a variety of sectors. No matter what your cold rooms need we will be able to help get your unit running as well as new again.

Improve the Efficiency of Your Cold Room

5 Tips to Improve the Efficiency of Your Cold Room

Are you struggling to efficiently run your cold room? At MTCSS we understand how costly this can be to your business. Formed in 2007, our staff have a combination of more than 50 years of industry related experience. This allows us to provide cold storage installations across numerous sectors. We know exactly what it takes to improve the efficiency of your cold room.

Regularly Clean Your Equipment

To work efficiently your cold room must be kept clean. The evaporator cells and condenser should be free of dust and other blockages which can restrict air output. These parts remove warm air from the room which helps to maintain its optimal temperature. If that is not possible the unit will have to work harder to compensate for a lack of air flow. This will lead to pricier bills and in the long run could cause breakdowns or damage to your room.

Repair Damage Immediately

Contact us immediately if you notice any cracks in your cold room or if you have any faulty parts. Structural damage can stop the room working efficiently. We have an after-sales maintenance service that is carried out by our fully-trained engineers. We can help if you come across any problems and are well placed to serve businesses all over the country.

To get in touch call us on 01886 833381 or email Our team will be delighted to answer any questions you have. They can also arrange a maintenance visit.

Choose a Specialist Door

There are several types of cold room doors we offer. Each have a range of benefits such as being able to operate on rooms of varying temperatures.

  • Sliding – available in horizontal, vertical or automatic sliding designs they are perfect for when you are working in very little space
  • Hinged – ideal for walk-in freezers and rooms where forklift access is not required
  • Semi-Insulated Hinged Doors – perfect if you have rooms of a positive temperature or for use dividing areas of different purposes like between a processing area and your office

Choosing the correct door ensures your cold rooms are kept at their optimal temperature for the greatest amount of time possible.

Keep the Doors Closed

Anything that can negatively impact the temperature of your cold storage room must be avoided if possible. An open door will cause cold air to escape and warm air from the outside to replace it. From time to time the doors will need to be used but make sure you close it behind you. This means the unit will not have to work as hard to stabilise the temperature inside. Increased energy bills come as a result of an overworked cold room while its lifespan will be dramatically shortened too. Door alarms can help you to monitor if your doors are closed. They indicate if the doors are open for extended periods of time.

Insulated Curtains

To further prevent the loss of cold air you can use insulated curtains. Designed to fit snuggly between your walls, floor and ceiling they stop air flow from one section of the room to the other. This is ideal if you require your door to be open for a small amount of time if you have a goods delivery or if you are manoeuvring products from one room to another.

split and monoblock refrigeration system

What is the difference between Split and Monoblock refrigeration systems?

A refrigeration system is a unit which ensures that your goods are protected through the correct temperature flow, by eradicating heat and introducing cold air to ensure that the refrigerated contents are preserved efficiently.

If you are looking to implement a refrigeration system for your business, then you should understand the components of the system. These should include the following:

  • A thermostatic expansion valve, which is used to regulate the amount of refrigerant that reaches the evaporator
  • An evaporator, which removes unwanted heat away from all refrigerated goods
  • A capacity control system, which is used to regulate energy and power consumption
  • A compressor to ensure that heat vapour is compacted enough to be released with ease
  • A condenser that expels heat from the refrigerant, in order to cool the condensation within the refrigeration system and return the vapour back to liquid
  • A receiver, which works to preserve and seal the liquid vapour that is created, thus ensuring that a constant temperature is maintained

Although most refrigeration systems work the same and have almost the same components, there are a range of different refrigeration systems that you must consider when installing your industrial cold room. These include Split and Monoblock refrigeration systems, which are similar in many ways, although they do have an array of differences.

In this blog, we will answer any frequently asked questions, as well as establish the clear differences between Split and Monoblock refrigerated systems to ensure that you have all the information you need to invest in your own refrigerated unit.

Split refrigeration systems

A split refrigerant system consists of two separate units, which work together to remove hot air from the inside and replace with cooler air from the outside, thus creating the ideal temperature for your cold room.

Whilst split refrigeration systems can be effective, they are a lot more intricate than Monoblock refrigeration systems, therefore you would have to instruct an engineer to perform the installation and this can incur a substantial fee.

Monoblock refrigeration systems

In contrast to a split refrigeration system, Monoblock refrigeration units are combined and compact fixtures – making them ideal for when you have limited fitting room available. They can easily be fitted on to the ceiling or on a nearby wall in order to maximise space.

Here at MTCSS, we offer several high-quality Kide Monoblock systems that are ideal for industrial and commercial applications. These refrigeration systems are all made to fit in restricted spaces and are usually fitted on ceilings or walls to accommodate more space.  We currently stock the following Monoblock refrigeration systems:

  • The EMR KideRoof is a high-performance system intended for use in small spaces, where a small volume of goods needs to be refrigerated. It benefits from a thermostatic expansion valve and a hot gas defrost function.
  • The EMF KideRoof Centrifugal is also built for compact refrigeration and can be used for low to medium temperatures. This system includes a centrifugal fan, which is used to remove hot air and therefore avoids a build-up of condensation.
  • The EMB KideBlock is the perfect refrigeration system when a medium volume of goods need to be refrigerated. It benefits from a thermostatic expansion valve and is extremely efficient and waterproof, making it the ideal application for cold rooms.
  • The EMC KideBlock Centrifugal is one of the latest Kide products. It offers a wide range of benefits and, thanks to its multi-functional abilities, it can expel defrosted water (via evaporation) whilst also steadily maintaining electronic control.

All of our refrigerant Monoblock systems are the ideal fit for any sized cold room, where the temperature-controlled preservation of goods is necessary. They can lead to improvements in productivity and profitability for the end-user and are a highly worthwhile investment.

Contact MT Cold Storage Solutions

Here at MTCSS, we have over twelve years’ experience within the cold storage industry and we utilise this knowledge to provide you with premium refrigeration solutions, that will ensure that your products are properly preserved.

If you are interested in our first-rate Monoblock refrigeration systems, you can speak to our expert team by calling 01886 833381. Alternatively, you can email us at to discuss your cold storage ideas.

5 Reasons to Invest in an Industrial Cold Room - MTCSSS

5 Reasons to Invest in an Industrial Cold Room

The Importance of Industrial Cold Rooms

If your organisation relies on high-quality refrigeration solutions to ensure that its products are always kept in the best possible condition, an industrial cold room may just be the ideal storage option for your needs. There are many clear benefits inherent in opting for an industrial cold room and MTcss, a team of refrigeration specialists with combined experience in the field stretching back over more than 50 years, is very well placed to guide you through these. Read on to find out why your business should be investing in an industrial cold room today.


  1. Enjoy Easy Temperature Control

Ordinary fridges and chest freezers – even higher-end products on relatively large scales – are often difficult to regulate and do not commonly offer the precision with which an industrial cold room can be controlled. Good cold rooms are often purpose-built and can be set to incredibly precise temperatures that will not change unless they are programmed to do so. They can be set up to hit lows of around minus thirty degrees celsius and highs of positive thirty degrees, meaning that they are highly flexible and perfect to be primed for the exact requirements of the products that are to be stored within them.


  1. Discover A Separate Secure Storage Space

When you decide to use an industrial cold room, you’re ensuring enhanced safety for all of your items. Not only can a cold room be securely locked, forming a separate, protected storage space for your products, but there is much less of a risk of them being accidentally “switched off” and the items inside left to spoil. The security offered to these products by industrial storage will always be second to none, so you can rest assured that all of your goods will be safe and are always kept in perfect conditions.


  1. Meet New Demand for Fresh Food and Online Delivery

Cold rooms have long been the ideal answer to many refrigeration issues, but now is a better time than any to invest in this specialist solution. This is because, in recent years, more and more people have been dining out than ever before, and the ability to keep food fresh and in good condition is the perfect response to a growing audience that is becoming increasingly demanding and discerning when it comes to matters of quality and freshness. Online ordering also constitutes a culture on the rise, so supermarkets and other stores that offer this option are strongly recommended to invest in cold rooms to keep items that have been earmarked for transportation cool and fresh.


  1. Take Advantage of Fantastic Versatility

We’ve already mentioned how easy it is to adjust the temperature of a cold room to your perfect level, but there are still further elements that can be adapted to meet your company’s requirements. Products that require cool, dry storage space will benefit from a cold room’s inbuilt dehumidifier, and these storage options are available in a wide range of various sizes and layouts, so it’s easy to select the model that is best for you.


  1. Benefit from Assured Protection

Locks and extra safe programming options aren’t the only security options that industrial cold rooms offer. In the event of a power outage, many models have inbuilt backup systems that prevent your goods from spoiling. Power cuts are a nightmare scenario for many companies that deal in frozen or refrigerated goods, and can cost thousands of pounds in unsaleable produce – but when you opt for an industrial cold room, this will never be a problem again.


Where Can I Find the Perfect Industrial Cold Room for Me?

If all of the above benefits sound like something that could make a big difference to your business, then MTcss is here for you. We offer unique, purpose-designed cold rooms to suit the specific requirements of each company that approaches us, undertaking the delivery and installation of everyone ourselves. We also supply high-quality spare parts and undertake maintenance for your ease and peace of mind. So, if you’re interested in investing in a brand new industrial cold room that has been created to your exact specification, all you need to do is get in touch with MTcss today on 01886 833 381 or via email on, and our friendly and knowledgeable team will discuss your requirements with you and begin working towards the creation of your perfect solution straight away.

How Could an Industrial Cold Room Help My Industry? | MTCSS

How Could an Industrial Cold Room Help My Industry?

If you thought that industrial cold rooms were only for large-scale distribution centres dealing in pre-packed meals and similar products, you’d be completely wrong; there is a wide variety of other industries that are already reaping the benefits offered by the installation of industrial cold rooms, and yours could very likely be one of them. MTcss are specialists within the field of industrial refrigeration and have served an amazing variety of different companies, improving their performance and enhancing their potential no end. Here are just some of the numerous sectors that may benefit from the use of industrial cold rooms.


Restaurants and Hospitality

With more and more focus on the use of healthy, fresh, additive-free ingredients within restaurants, and with many venues opting for an “open kitchen” layout to allow customers to watch their food being prepared, excellent refrigeration solutions are vital within this industry. Industrial cold rooms enable chefs to store items at extremely specific, constant temperatures to keep them fresh and delicious and perfect for preparation under intense scrutiny.


Agriculture, Farm Shops and Fresh Produce Specialists

One of the most delicate phases of food and beverage production takes place right at the source before any treatment occurs. From dairies to fishmongers’ shops to butchery specialists, it’s vital that the environment in which new produce is kept is maintained at the correct temperature or goods could become contaminated. The precise temperature control inherent in the majority of industrial cold rooms constitutes an amazing help here.


Food Delivery

Services that allow customers to select products and have them delivered from their chosen shop or supermarket straight to their door are now a common part of society, and make life vastly easier for extremely busy people. It also means that the owners of supermarkets and convenience stores have been forced to seek out ways in which products may be kept at the optimum temperature to be picked out and placed into the back of a van or lorry for transportation immediately. Industrial cold rooms provide the perfect solution to this requirement.


IT and Technology

Not many people outside of the tech and digital industries give much thought to the issues that arise when multiple servers and computers are running at the same time in the same location. However, there are some severe safety implications that arise under these conditions. Overheating and electrical fires are a real possibility for particular companies unless temperature is well regulated, so industrial cold rooms can provide much needed climate adjustment for this purpose. It’s even possible to maintain a consistent level of humidity too, so condensation that may damage electrics will not be an issue.



The storage of medicines, hospital equipment and even organs is naturally a very delicate matter. Particular solutions and substances that exist to combat various illnesses are only effective when they are kept at certain temperatures, and organ donation and transplantation can only take place within an incredibly closely controlled environment. It’s something that the majority of us probably rarely think about, but the installation of temperature controlled storage rooms in hospitals can and does save lives.


I Think My Company Would Benefit from an Industrial Cold Room – What Do I Do Next?

Whether you work with food, computers or patients, it’s very likely that a well maintained and purpose designed industrial cold room could solve a variety of problems for you and make day to day tasks far easier and safer to undertake. MTcss creates bespoke cold storage solutions for all industries, so, in order to get the ball rolling and invest in your own industrial cold room, all you need to do is get in touch with their team today. They will listen closely to all of your requirements and work with you on the ideal design for your purposes. After this, they will build your storage solution to the highest possible specification and install it for you – being sure to test it after the fitting to ensure it performs perfectly. The company can also supply spare parts and will maintain your industrial cold room for you if required. Call them today on 01886 833 381 or email them via to start the conversation with their experts immediately. You can also visit their head office, which is located at Unit 5 Guinness Park Farm, Leigh Sinton, WR13 5EQ and is open from 8am until 5pm, from Monday to Friday. Make MTcss your first choice for all your company’s industrial refrigeration needs.

furnishing cold rooms

Furnishing Your Cold Room

Why Furnish Your Cold Room?

The furnishing of your cold room is important when it comes to organising and maximising your space. The use of different storage equipment within a cold room facility can help in making your storage area more effective in terms of arrangement and the cleanliness of the storage area. MTCSS create bespoke walk in cold rooms perfect for your cooling needs, also offering advice on how your potential cold room furnishings could be arranged and how they will help you with your cold room layout in the long run.


There is a wide range of cold room shelving units available, that can be supplied by MTCSS for use within cold room storage areas. The typical choices tend to be wire shelving, aluminium shelving, stainless steel shelving and polypropylene shelving. In terms of each of their functions and uses:

  • Wire shelving allows for high air flow between your shelves. Usually made using nylon coated wire or nickel-plated chrome wire (making them corrosion resistant), this type of shelving is more commonly used to store fresh food items such as vegetables and fruit.
  • Aluminium shelving consists of strong aluminium frames holding shelves that are commonly made of plastic. These types of shelves are made to be easily lifted out of place making them ideal for cleaning.
  • Stainless steel shelving is usually made of 304 grade stainless steel, which acts as an operative way of resisting corrosion. This type of shelving is great for giving an aesthetically pleasing look to your cold room.
  • Polypropylene shelving is manufactured with shelves made with materials fashioned to be solid or with a grille effect. This cold room storage solution provides retention, whereas the grille shelves allow for better airflow to occur. Again, this type of shelving can be perfect for storing fresh foods such as vegetables and fruit products. The shelving unit will have a steel core which gives it added amounts of strength and sturdiness, and that is protected by a polypropylene outer covering.

As shown, there are a decent range of cold room shelving units to use in your cold room furnishings plan, each with characteristics to meet your needs in cold storage.


Much like cold room shelving, there are a variety of choices for you to obtain in terms of cold room flooring types. Choices of cold room flooring includes modular, resin, concrete and vinyl. In terms of their characteristics:

  • Modular consists of a ‘five bar’ aluminium sheet being laid over a polyurethane floor panel containing a layer of plywood. This type of cold room flooring is usually used for light trolley storage and constant foot traffic.
  • Resin flooring tends to be used in cold storage areas that require to be used as production areas and need to be kept up to standards in terms of cleanliness.
  • Concrete flooring for cold rooms tends to be recommended for heavy-duty operations areas. It consists of reinforced concrete slabs being laid over extruded insulation. This forms a hard wear surface for the cold storage room.
  • Vinyl flooring is perfect for cold rooms that need to be kept clean. Altro is laid down as flooring, then being fitted against the walls of the room. This creates an easily cleanable, sealed flooring space.

These cold room flooring types can be used in your cold storage unit and each fulfil a particular purpose for how you need your cold room floor to be.

Strip Curtains

Strip curtains for cold rooms are a constant feature of cold storage as they can be an excellent way to save energy. Strip curtains hang between your cold room door and the actual cold room itself. The main purpose of strip curtains is to reduce temperature loss from cold rooms. Mainly important in the food production industry, strip curtains actually help in saving up to 60% temperature loss from a cold room. These almost transparent, flexible curtains help in saving energy costs by reducing temperature loss when the cold room door is opened.

Entrapment Alarms

Entrapment alarms for cold rooms are an imperative furnishing for any cold storage area. Commonly found in food production sectors, entrapment alarms allow for health and safety to be taken into account at all times. These types of alarms allow for staff members to alarm their colleagues if they are accidentally trapped in a cold room, or notice a fault in the cold room door.


With cold rooms, lighting is a consideration that is often overlooked. Cold rooms do not only store food but are also readily used for storing medical products and items from various other industries. The temperature of cold rooms largely depends on its contents. The common types of lighting that are seen in cold rooms SON low bays, Aragon and the Nextrema LED. The specifics of these lighting types are:

  • SON low bays are common in terms of choice for cold rooms. This type of lighting gives off a warm appearance but can take quite a few luminaires to achieve a reasonably well-lit area.
  • Aragon is produced using a polycarbonate body, creating good lighting. It creates the effect of white light and giving off no glare. If in the situation of needing a lamp replacement for this type of lighting, replacement is cheap and easy to carry out due to the fixed, stainless steel clips.
  • The Nextrema LED is a lighting source that is specifically created for areas that are cold and/or damp. The advantage of this type of lighting is that it works better in colder climates. Nextrema LED lighting can achieve between 5 and 10% more output in a cold room compare to a room of normal temperature.


MTCSS is an established specialist company with expertise in the installation of cold storage solutions and industrial doors. Stationed near the motorway network of Worcestershire, MTCSS have the advantage of being able to practically serve all customers across the UK. Have some questions on how MTCSS can help with your cold storage solutions or cold room furnishings? Contact us today. Call us on 01886 833381 or alternatively email us at, one of our specialists will be happy to help you with any query you may have.

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