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5 Reasons to Invest in an Industrial Cold Room

The Importance of Industrial Cold Rooms

If your organisation relies on high-quality refrigeration solutions to ensure that its products are always kept in the best possible condition, an industrial cold room may just be the ideal storage option for your needs. There are many clear benefits inherent in opting for an industrial cold room and MTcss, a team of refrigeration specialists with combined experience in the field stretching back over more than 50 years, is very well placed to guide you through these. Read on to find out why your business should be investing in an industrial cold room today.


  1. Enjoy Easy Temperature Control

Ordinary fridges and chest freezers – even higher-end products on relatively large scales – are often difficult to regulate and do not commonly offer the precision with which an industrial cold room can be controlled. Good cold rooms are often purpose-built and can be set to incredibly precise temperatures that will not change unless they are programmed to do so. They can be set up to hit lows of around minus thirty degrees celsius and highs of positive thirty degrees, meaning that they are highly flexible and perfect to be primed for the exact requirements of the products that are to be stored within them.


  1. Discover A Separate Secure Storage Space

When you decide to use an industrial cold room, you’re ensuring enhanced safety for all of your items. Not only can a cold room be securely locked, forming a separate, protected storage space for your products, but there is much less of a risk of them being accidentally “switched off” and the items inside left to spoil. The security offered to these products by industrial storage will always be second to none, so you can rest assured that all of your goods will be safe and are always kept in perfect conditions.


  1. Meet New Demand for Fresh Food and Online Delivery

Cold rooms have long been the ideal answer to many refrigeration issues, but now is a better time than any to invest in this specialist solution. This is because, in recent years, more and more people have been dining out than ever before, and the ability to keep food fresh and in good condition is the perfect response to a growing audience that is becoming increasingly demanding and discerning when it comes to matters of quality and freshness. Online ordering also constitutes a culture on the rise, so supermarkets and other stores that offer this option are strongly recommended to invest in cold rooms to keep items that have been earmarked for transportation cool and fresh.


  1. Take Advantage of Fantastic Versatility

We’ve already mentioned how easy it is to adjust the temperature of a cold room to your perfect level, but there are still further elements that can be adapted to meet your company’s requirements. Products that require cool, dry storage space will benefit from a cold room’s inbuilt dehumidifier, and these storage options are available in a wide range of various sizes and layouts, so it’s easy to select the model that is best for you.


  1. Benefit from Assured Protection

Locks and extra safe programming options aren’t the only security options that industrial cold rooms offer. In the event of a power outage, many models have inbuilt backup systems that prevent your goods from spoiling. Power cuts are a nightmare scenario for many companies that deal in frozen or refrigerated goods, and can cost thousands of pounds in unsaleable produce – but when you opt for an industrial cold room, this will never be a problem again.


Where Can I Find the Perfect Industrial Cold Room for Me?

If all of the above benefits sound like something that could make a big difference to your business, then MTcss is here for you. We offer unique, purpose-designed cold rooms to suit the specific requirements of each company that approaches us, undertaking the delivery and installation of everyone ourselves. We also supply high-quality spare parts and undertake maintenance for your ease and peace of mind. So, if you’re interested in investing in a brand new industrial cold room that has been created to your exact specification, all you need to do is get in touch with MTcss today on 01886 833 381 or via email on sales@mtcss.co.uk, and our friendly and knowledgeable team will discuss your requirements with you and begin working towards the creation of your perfect solution straight away.

How Could an Industrial Cold Room Help My Industry? | MTCSS

How Could an Industrial Cold Room Help My Industry?

If you thought that industrial cold rooms were only for large-scale distribution centres dealing in pre-packed meals and similar products, you’d be completely wrong; there is a wide variety of other industries that are already reaping the benefits offered by the installation of industrial cold rooms, and yours could very likely be one of them. MTcss are specialists within the field of industrial refrigeration and have served an amazing variety of different companies, improving their performance and enhancing their potential no end. Here are just some of the numerous sectors that may benefit from the use of industrial cold rooms.


Restaurants and Hospitality

With more and more focus on the use of healthy, fresh, additive-free ingredients within restaurants, and with many venues opting for an “open kitchen” layout to allow customers to watch their food being prepared, excellent refrigeration solutions are vital within this industry. Industrial cold rooms enable chefs to store items at extremely specific, constant temperatures to keep them fresh and delicious and perfect for preparation under intense scrutiny.


Agriculture, Farm Shops and Fresh Produce Specialists

One of the most delicate phases of food and beverage production takes place right at the source, before any treatment occurs. From dairies to fishmongers’ shops to butchery specialists, it’s vital that the environment in which new produce is kept is maintained at the correct temperature or goods could become contaminated. The precise temperature control inherent in the majority of industrial cold rooms constitutes an amazing help here.


Food Delivery

Services that allow customers to select products and have them delivered from their chosen shop or supermarket straight to their door are now a common part of society, and make life vastly easier for extremely busy people. It also means that the owners of supermarkets and convenience stores have been forced to seek out ways in which products may be kept at the optimum temperature to be picked out and placed into the back of a van or lorry for transportation immediately. Industrial cold rooms provide the perfect solution to this requirement.


IT and Technology

Not many people outside of the tech and digital industries give much thought to the issues that arise when multiple servers and computers are running at the same time in the same location. However, there are some severe safety implications that arise under these conditions. Overheating and electrical fires are a real possibility for particular companies unless temperature is well regulated, so industrial cold rooms can provide much needed climate adjustment for this purpose. It’s even possible to maintain a consistent level of humidity too, so condensation that may damage electrics will not be an issue.



The storage of medicines, hospital equipment and even organs is naturally a very delicate matter. Particular solutions and substances that exist to combat various illnesses are only effective when they are kept at certain temperatures, and organ donation and transplantation can only take place within an incredibly closely controlled environment. It’s something that the majority of us probably rarely think about, but the installation of temperature controlled storage rooms in hospitals can and does save lives.


I Think My Company Would Benefit from an Industrial Cold Room – What Do I Do Next?

Whether you work with food, computers or patients, it’s very likely that a well maintained and purpose designed industrial cold room could solve a variety of problems for you and make day to day tasks far easier and safer to undertake. MTcss creates bespoke cold storage solutions for all industries, so, in order to get the ball rolling and invest in your own industrial cold room, all you need to do is get in touch with their team today. They will listen closely to all of your requirements and work with you on the ideal design for your purposes. After this, they will build your storage solution to the highest possible specification and install it for you – being sure to test it after the fitting to ensure it performs perfectly. The company can also supply spare parts and will maintain your industrial cold room for you if required. Call them today on 01886 833 381 or email them via sales@mtcss.co.uk to start the conversation with their experts immediately. You can also visit their head office, which is located at Unit 5 Guinness Park Farm, Leigh Sinton, WR13 5EQ and is open from 8am until 5pm, from Monday to Friday. Make MTcss your first choice for all your company’s industrial refrigeration needs.

furnishing cold rooms

Furnishing Your Cold Room

Why Furnish Your Cold Room?

The furnishing of your cold room is important when it comes to organising and maximising your space. The use of different storage equipment within a cold room facility can help in making your storage area more effective in terms of arrangement and the cleanliness of the storage area. MTCSS create bespoke walk in cold rooms perfect for your cooling needs, also offering advice on how your potential cold room furnishings could be arranged and how they will help you with your cold room layout in the long run.


There is a wide range of cold room shelving units available, that can be supplied by MTCSS for use within cold room storage areas. The typical choices tend to be wire shelving, aluminium shelving, stainless steel shelving and polypropylene shelving. In terms of each of their functions and uses:

  • Wire shelving allows for high air flow between your shelves. Usually made using nylon coated wire or nickel-plated chrome wire (making them corrosion resistant), this type of shelving is more commonly used to store fresh food items such as vegetables and fruit.
  • Aluminium shelving consists of strong aluminium frames holding shelves that are commonly made of plastic. These types of shelves are made to be easily lifted out of place making them ideal for cleaning.
  • Stainless steel shelving is usually made of 304 grade stainless steel, which acts as an operative way of resisting corrosion. This type of shelving is great for giving an aesthetically pleasing look to your cold room.
  • Polypropylene shelving is manufactured with shelves made with materials fashioned to be solid or with a grille effect. This cold room storage solution provides retention, whereas the grille shelves allow for better airflow to occur. Again, this type of shelving can be perfect for storing fresh foods such as vegetables and fruit products. The shelving unit will have a steel core which gives it added amounts of strength and sturdiness, and that is protected by a polypropylene outer covering.

As shown, there are a decent range of cold room shelving units to use in your cold room furnishings plan, each with characteristics to meet your needs in cold storage.


Much like cold room shelving, there are a variety of choices for you to obtain in terms of cold room flooring types. Choices of cold room flooring includes modular, resin, concrete and vinyl. In terms of their characteristics:

  • Modular consists of a ‘five bar’ aluminium sheet being laid over a polyurethane floor panel containing a layer of plywood. This type of cold room flooring is usually used for light trolley storage and constant foot traffic.
  • Resin flooring tends to be used in cold storage areas that require to be used as production areas and need to be kept up to standards in terms of cleanliness.
  • Concrete flooring for cold rooms tends to be recommended for heavy-duty operations areas. It consists of reinforced concrete slabs being laid over extruded insulation. This forms a hard wear surface for the cold storage room.
  • Vinyl flooring is perfect for cold rooms that need to be kept clean. Altro is laid down as flooring, then being fitted against the walls of the room. This creates an easily cleanable, sealed flooring space.

These cold room flooring types can be used in your cold storage unit and each fulfil a particular purpose for how you need your cold room floor to be.

Strip Curtains

Strip curtains for cold rooms are a constant feature of cold storage as they can be an excellent way to save energy. Strip curtains hang between your cold room door and the actual cold room itself. The main purpose of strip curtains is to reduce temperature loss from cold rooms. Mainly important in the food production industry, strip curtains actually help in saving up to 60% temperature loss from a cold room. These almost transparent, flexible curtains help in saving energy costs by reducing temperature loss when the cold room door is opened.

Entrapment Alarms

Entrapment alarms for cold rooms are an imperative furnishing for any cold storage area. Commonly found in food production sectors, entrapment alarms allow for health and safety to be taken into account at all times. These types of alarms allow for staff members to alarm their colleagues if they are accidentally trapped in a cold room, or notice a fault in the cold room door.


With cold rooms, lighting is a consideration that is often overlooked. Cold rooms do not only store food but are also readily used for storing medical products and items from various other industries. The temperature of cold rooms largely depends on its contents. The common types of lighting that are seen in cold rooms SON low bays, Aragon and the Nextrema LED. The specifics of these lighting types are:

  • SON low bays are common in terms of choice for cold rooms. This type of lighting gives off a warm appearance but can take quite a few luminaires to achieve a reasonably well-lit area.
  • Aragon is produced using a polycarbonate body, creating good lighting. It creates the effect of white light and giving off no glare. If in the situation of needing a lamp replacement for this type of lighting, replacement is cheap and easy to carry out due to the fixed, stainless steel clips.
  • The Nextrema LED is a lighting source that is specifically created for areas that are cold and/or damp. The advantage of this type of lighting is that it works better in colder climates. Nextrema LED lighting can achieve between 5 and 10% more output in a cold room compare to a room of normal temperature.


MTCSS is an established specialist company with expertise in the installation of cold storage solutions and industrial doors. Stationed near the motorway network of Worcestershire, MTCSS have the advantage of being able to practically serve all customers across the UK. Have some questions on how MTCSS can help with your cold storage solutions or cold room furnishings? Contact us today. Call us on 01886 833381 or alternatively email us at sales@mtcss.co.uk, one of our specialists will be happy to help you with any query you may have.

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cold room curtains

How Insulated Curtains Can Help Your Cold Room

For years, insulated curtains supplied by MTCSS have been a leading, efficient way of keeping cold rooms at an appropriate temperature. For industries focused on areas such as food distribution and hospital data storage, these types of thermal insulated curtains have been a positive factor in ensuring their processes run smoothly and professionally. Of course, there are a number of reasons as to why they are such a success in these various trades.

Control Room Temperate

The main fact is that insulated curtains are perfect for keeping your cold room at the temperature you need it to be. Many industries depend on the contents of a cold room being kept within a certain temperature parameter. An example being that meat storage areas must keep meat content considerably fresh in order for it to still be eligible to be sold.

Thermal insulated curtains help in containing the temperature and contribute to restricting cold air for escaping when possible. This is mainly obtained by the unique ‘cold lock’ system insulated curtains. This ensures that the curtains fit neatly and effectively to the floor and ceiling. Due to this, the temperature in your cold room is given more chance of staying within your desired parameter, granted your cold room doors and insulated curtains are used appropriately.

 Money Saving

With insulated curtains, you will be delighted to learn that they will in fact save you in terms of money you invest into energy costs. The use of insulated curtains can cause minimum energy savings of 25% in chillers, 33% in freezers.

From the added benefit of insulated curtains, you are lessening the use of energy. This is due to insulated curtains keeping existing cold air in the cold room for as long as possible. This allows our company to invest your money elsewhere without having to worry about energy costs as much as before, again, provided that the curtains and cold room doors are used and closed appropriately.

 Reduces Noise and Easily Cleanable

The use of insulated curtains also assists in the hygienic and respective sides of the working environment. Thanks to the ‘cold lock’ system incorporated into insulated curtains, noise generated from mechanisms creating noise inside your cold room is blocked off more effectively. This helps in giving your employees a quieter working environment to operate in.

The insulated curtains are also found to be easily cleanable or replaced if needs be. The curtains themselves are soft, user-friendly and low maintenance. This enables employees to carry on with their work without constantly worrying about the hygiene of their working environment.

 Easy to Move Through

Insulated curtains take health and safety into account. As mentioned before, the curtains are soft, user-friendly and low maintenance. For when employees are hauling storage contents in and out of cold rooms, they will find that they needn’t worry about passing through insulation curtains due to the soft material being easy to move through.

Thanks to insulated curtains there is also a decrease in hazard potential. Insulated curtains actually lessen the chances of floor ice and hazards associated with it. This too gives employees peace of mind in knowing they are less likely to be endangered through a form of hazard when working.

When you are a customer with MTCSS, you can be sure that our variety of thermally insulated solutions, namely insulated curtains, will be made to fit your every need. They will be manufactured to lessen energy costs, hazards and any form of worry you have about the entrance to your cold room. If you feel that our thermal insulated curtains at MTCSS are perfect for you, please call us on 01886 833381 or alternatively e-mail us at sales@mtcss.co.uk. One of our experienced members of staff will be happy to answer any questions you have and help with any queries.

cold room insulation

Everything You Need to Know About Cold Room Insulation

We at MTCSS take the sales and manufacturing of cold room equipment very seriously. It is important that you are entrusting your needs with the right company/people and that you know important information when seriously considering cold room appliances. The main thing you need to understand is cold room insulation: the component of cold rooms that makes it what it is.

The use of cold rooms is common for companies that deal in perishable goods. Examples of this are in the catering industry, laboratories, hospitals and the food distribution industry. Cold room insulation assists these kinds of companies in keeping their goods fresh and cool for when ready to be used. Cold room panels, which contribute to insulation, are perfect for industries to safely carry out their work, in various different ways.

Air Leakage

For obvious reasons, cold room insulation can only be effective if used appropriately and properly. The benefit of having cold room panels can only be achieved if your cold room is kept in a state of closure for the majority of the time. If not, the decrease in heat that you are trying to achieve will fail. This can usually occur through something called ‘air leakage’. Air leakage occurs when the cold room doors open. What this causes is the cold or heavy air to escape whilst warmer air enters into the cold room above it. In short, keeping your cold doors open for long periods of time is a bad idea. It will affect whatever stock you are containing and will also mean you are not getting the best use out of your cold room panels. No matter how effectively your cold room insulation has been fitted, air leakage will still greatly affect its limits of use.

Beware of Moisture

A common issue that is embedded in cold room structures is the growth of mould. The root cause of this is from cold room insulation not being covered completely and properly throughout. During Winter, your ceiling and walls of your cold room can become too cold. Every time your cold room doors open from this point, warmer and moist air can enter hit the cold surfaces of the cold room. This can cause water droplets to condense on surfaces. Also, if the outside becomes cold enough, frost can develop too, as well as ice. The moisture deposited by condensation on the inside of the cold room ceiling then forms mould.

Thankfully, cold room insulation can be the easy solution. To help prevent this from happening, insulation can be fitted to your cold room’s ceiling and walls. The insulation, provided that it is impervious to the passage of moisture vapour, should prevent further exposure for mould to form.

Can Fit Your Needs

The best factor in cold room builds is the fitting requirements. The ability to fit walk-in cold room appliances, such as cold room doors, means they can be fitted to whatever space you require. Whether it be for a chiller, meat storage facilities, pharmaceuticals, data rooms or whatever form of storage facility you require, your cold room appliances can be fitted. The simple information of width, height, use of storage space and other small pieces of information will make it possible for your cold room to become a reality.

We at MTCSS are committed to ensuring your bespoke walk-in cold room is exactly what you want. We centre our attention on your requirements and our trained experts are always happy to take that one step further to ensure you get exactly what you paid for.

 Use of Polyurethane

Polyurethane is the most commonly used, efficient material in use for cold room panels, being used in over 90% of all panels. It is a rigid cellular foam composed of two liquids: polyol and isocyanate. Panels consisting of polyurethane can be used in a variety of different thicknesses, enabling them to fit a number of different requirements.

This type of material has many advantages. It is low in weight, so easy for transferring and applying. Its thermal conductivity is among the lowest of materials, which of course helps in preserving the heat. It also has resistance to decomposition, also exposure to varieties of weather conditions/drastic changes in temperature.

At MTCSS, we have the expertise to exceed our ever-growing popularity and help you in every way of your installation from the very beginning of initial planning. Our insulation appliances have never let our customers down and have always had the most positive of feedback since our inception.

Feel that our cold room insulation fixtures would be the best choice for you? Please contact us to speak to one of our initial experts and begin the initial planning for your installation.

Choosing A Cold Room Door

Your cold room door can all too easily become an afterthought when you are choosing and installing cold storage – but it is a vital component of your insulation strategy and has a major effect on the efficiency of workers using your cold storage area. That’s why MT Cold Storage Solutions stocks such a wide range of cold room door solutions – from hinged or sliding thermal insulated doors and cold room curtains to insulated high speed and roller shutter doors – to ensure all of our customers can find an door solution that fits their needs perfectly, saves them energy and streamlines their business!

Reasons to Invest in an Insulated Cold Room Door

A cold room door helps to prevent heat energy from creeping into your cold room, whether by conduction, convection or radiation. Conduction and radiation are stopped by the high-quality insulating materials of the door itself, while quick, easy operation and secure closing facility means that convection currents never have the chance to become established.

Without a thermal insulated door, it is likely that your cold storage won’t be anywhere near as effective or efficient as it could be, and you’re likely to suffer the consequences in increased electricity bills, reduced cold storage quality and disappointed customers. Don’t leave out one of the most important parts of your cold room insulation – make sure the door is up to the task!

What Sorts of Cold Room Door are There?

MT Cold Storage Solutions offers a wide range of cold storage solutions to our customers, with cold room doors and access solutions available to suit any needs. No matter what the requirements of your business, MTCss has a cold storage door solution that can meet those needs and provide an unbeatable level of insulation! The cold room doors and curtains available from MTCSS include, but are not limited to:

Cold Room Hinged Doors

Manufactured by industry leaders, MTH, our fantastic range of Insulated Hinged Doors are ideal for use in the food and drink manufacturing and retail industry, warehousing and logistics, and more. They are perfect for both chiller and freezer cold rooms; CSI handle certified and suitable for cold temperatures up to – 45°C. We can also provide all spares and parts for this hinged door range, thus ensuring that your door works to maximum efficiency all-year-round.

Cold Room Sliding Doors

In areas where space is at a premium, or to accommodate trolleys, forklifts, or large levels of footfall, cold room sliding doors are the ideal solution for chiller or freezer applications. Simply sliding off to one side or up out of the way, a cold room sliding door provides rapid access to a cold storage area and doesn’t cause large amounts of air disturbance when opening and closing, reducing the amount of warm air that enters the cold room with each use and preserving the interior temperature. MTCSS can also supply and install automatic cold room sliding doors to allow for increased efficiency and improved access.

Nergeco Doors

Nergeco Doors are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high speed rapid rise industrial doors. Thanks to revolutionary design and innovation from Nergeco Entrematic, these doors operate incredibly quickly, minimising exposure to external conditions and maximising energy efficiency. Rapid-acting and automatic, a Nergeco door streamlines the day-to-day operation of your business, making sure that workers and material can move freely through the cold storage area. Many designs often benefit from excellent insulating properties.

Providing unparalleled ease of access, reliability, safety, and insulation when necessary, Nergeco is a leading cold storage door manufacturer – contact us today to see what sets them apart!

Roller Shutter Doors

If a building or cold room is frequently accessed by members of staff, a roller shutter door may be the best option for you. Suitable for both internal and external use, this type of door combines high speed and efficiency with high-quality insulation and security. They are very low maintenance and they offer great value for money; in fact, roller shutter doors can often have economic benefits, such as reducing the amount of energy a business consumes on a day-to-day basis. Here at MTCss, we currently stock 3 types of roller shutter door, including standard, fire-resistant, and high speed.

Do I Need a Cold Room Door, Cold Room Curtains or Both?

A cold room insulated door offers optimal levels of security and solidity, whilst also providing excellent insulation properties. If your cold storage area requires constant access, easy access, or experiences heavy traffic, you may want to invest in a set of cold room curtains as well. Curtains should not be used as an alternative, but simply in conjunction with a cold room door – offering continuous insulation when the door is briefly and temporarily opened.

Cold Room Curtains

An excellent solution for busy cold storage areas or to separate one cold storage area from another, insulated cold room curtains provide a durable, cost-effective, efficient way to maintain insulation. Air movement is radically reduced as the curtains can allow workers to pass through with only the minimum opening, closing behind immediately, while the curtains can be fitted with viewing panels and other safety features to improve efficiency and safe operation.

At the same time, the expert engineering of the curtains themselves makes sure the cold storage area stays well-insulated and reduces energy loss. Cold room curtains from MTcss may be exactly what your business needs!

Contact MT Cold Storage Solutions for Cold Room Doors Today!

With a thermal insulated door from MTCss, you know that you’re getting industry-leading quality and cutting the costs of your cold storage operation with superior insulation!

If you would like more information about the cold room door solutions we have to offer, whether it’s cold room curtains, thermal insulated doors or rapid rise and roller shutter doors, you can get in touch with us at any time by calling our telephone number, 01886 833381 or sending us a direct message on our online contact form!  You can also use the same contact information to request a quote on any of our products and installation, to arrange a site visit, or to place an order.

The experts at the MTCss head office have decades of experience and have been at the forefront of the UK cold storage industry for years – they will be happy to answer any questions which you may have about our cold room doors and they can provide any advice on insulation and cold room setup which you might need to choose the ideal cold storage solution for your needs! Get in touch today and find out how our industry-leading cold storage solutions can help you.

Industrial Cold Storage

What Do You Need to Create a Cold Storage Warehouse?

Cold storage warehouses are a vital component of the food industry, agriculture and any industry involving storage at set temperatures. They allow food to be transported to its consumers safely, help to prevent market price fluctuations by stabilising the supply, and make it possible for businesses to flourish which would otherwise lose huge amounts of their stock to spoilage.

A cold storage warehouse must be able to keep the interior temperature within narrow margins, while still functioning as a fully operational warehouse, receiving, processing and distributing goods – often by lorries.

This combination of requirements makes the cold storage warehouse a complex, challenging installation for any business – but it’s a challenge that MT Cold Storage Solutions is ready to help you with! Just give us a ring on 01886 833381 or send us a message today!

What Is a Cold Storage Warehouse?

A cold storage warehouse is a warehouse, or section of a warehouse, which is kept at a low temperature to preserve the goods stored there. Functioning in a similar manner to a cold room, but on a much larger scale, a cold storage warehouse allows a business to store very large quantities of temperature-sensitive goods, and manage complex logistical operations like bulk deliveries and distribution, without compromising the quality of storage provided or the quantity of goods which can be stored.

They do this by ensuring good-quality insulation throughout, and making use of industrial cooling systems to keep the temperature at an optimal level, while industrial insulated doors make sure that the interior of the warehouse is exposed to external conditions as briefly and infrequently as possible.

A cold storage warehouse can optimally be situated between the suppliers of the stored goods and the market for them, making sure that your customers enjoy the freshest, best-preserved food on the market by reducing the time spent outside of cold storage as much as possible.

Alternatively, you could use temperature-controlled freight services to transport the goods at the same low temperature as that provided by the cold storage warehouse, maintaining an even temperature for your stored goods at all times.

Why Would You Need a Cold Storage Warehouse?

Cold storage warehouses are crucial to properly storing temperature-sensitive goods like foodstuffs, ensuring that they can be distributed to their consumers in the best possible quality. In industries including food and drink, agriculture, pharmacy and manufacturing, large quantities of goods may require storage at particular temperatures to prevent degradation, and where this is the case, a cold storage warehouse is the ideal solution.

What Do You Need to Create a Cold Storage Warehouse?

A cold storage warehouse is essentially a huge cold room, able to meet consistent standards for temperature, hygiene, safety and quality while fulfilling the normal roles of a warehouse – accepting shipments, packaging up freight and assisting coordinated logistics operations. From the industrial cooling system that chills the warehouse to the insulation and thermal insulated doors that keep it cool while it works as a busy warehouse, the vital components of a cold storage warehouse are all available from MT Cold Storage Solutions – contact us today on 01886 833381 or get in touch on our contact form! The experts at our head office will be happy to help you find the ideal cold storage warehouse solution for your needs, and can provide advice or answer any questions that you may have.

The key things to remember when creating a cold storage warehouse are:

Storage Space

The first thing that sets a cold storage warehouse apart from a cold room is storage space: lots of it. A cold storage warehouse is a large space with the facilities to cope with the level of activity generated by warehouse work: your cold storage warehouse will need to be able to accommodate workers, lifting and carrying equipment, and maybe even freight trucks in order to work as efficiently as possible, though these features will need to be optimised with regard to thermal insulation in order to keep energy costs down and efficiency up. Talk to the team at MTcss about optimising your warehouse for cold storage today – they’ll be happy to help you.

An Industrial Cooling System

In order to cool the huge interior of a cold storage warehouse, you will need a powerful cooling system. The industrial cooling systems offered by MT Cold Storage Solutions is one way to make sure that your cold storage warehouse remains at the right temperature, as these robust, powerful chillers can lower the temperature to the required level and maintain conditions, ensuring a reliable, completely consistent storage temperature throughout the warehouse.


Without insulation, your cold storage warehouse will become a heat sink for the surrounding area, and heat will rush in, overworking your industrial cooling unit and spoiling all of the temperature-sensitive goods kept in the warehouse. You wouldn’t try to run a cold room with no insulation, so why would a warehouse be any different?

Cold storage warehouse insulation available from MTcss includes wall insulation, insulated doors and insulated flooring, and with all three in place, you’ll be able to ensure that there are no weak points in your warehouse’s insulation which may allow heat to enter and cause problems!

Thermal Insulated Doors

Thermal insulated doors are one of the most important features of a cold storage warehouse. Preventing convection currents from forming, or conduction and radiation from occurring, a thermal insulated warehouse door also has the advantage of being able to prevent unnecessary airflow or disturbance to the air while in use, opening and closing quickly and with the minimum of disruption to the air, which helps to keep the interior of the warehouse cool even in heavy traffic conditions. No matter how busy your cold storage warehouse is, you can rely on the thermal insulated doors from MTcss to help keep it cool!

Thermal Insulated Walls

Insulated wall panelling from MTcss helps to prevent heat from creeping in through the walls of the cold storage warehouse, with protection against conduction, convection and radiation.

While convection is often considered to be the biggest danger to cold room integrity, able to circulate warm air in and raise the overall temperature very effectively, conduction and radiation are equally dangerous in warehouse walls, since the heat of the sun or the surrounding area may warm the walls, allowing ready conduction and radiation of large amounts of heat.

The wall insulation available from MTcss can be installed by our expert teams and provides unmatched insulation for your cold storage warehouse, boosting your energy efficiency, lowering the costs of running your cold storage warehouse, and helping to guarantee great quality in all your stored goods!

Thermal Insulated Flooring

One part of the insulation of a cold room or cold storage warehouse that is often overlooked when insulating the area is the floor. Literally beneath notice, it is often assumed that a solid floor connected to strong foundations will act as insulation enough, and won’t conduct much cold away or much heat in. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case, and as cold air sinks and heat rises, the floor is actually just as likely to result in heat entering the cold room as other areas, if it isn’t properly insulated – so you should always be sure to pay attention to it when outfitting your cold storage warehouse!

Can MTcss Provide Everything Needed to Create a Cold Storage Warehouse?

From industrial cooling systems to insulated wall panels, thermal insulated industrial doors and more, MT Cold Storage Solutions can provide everything you need to create a cold storage warehouse.

Get in touch with us today to find out what we can do for you!

Contact MTcss Today for Cold Storage Warehouses and Industrial Cooling Systems Today!

If you would like more information on cold storage warehouses, or you would like to know more about what MTcss can do for you in the field of cold storage, you can get in touch with the experts at our head office at any time by calling our telephone number, 01886 833381, or by sending us a message on our online contact form, on this site.

The staff at MTcss have decades of experience in connecting their customers with the ideal cold storage solution for their needs, so whether you need a fully-equipped cold storage warehouse, an industrial cold room or just an individual aspect of cold storage, like an industrial cooling system or insulated door, you can rely on MTcss to have the solution you need.

Our expert team will be happy to provide the answers to any questions that you may have, or offer any advice that you need to find the best cold storage warehouse solution for your requirements, and can provide quotes and process orders wherever necessary to make sure that you reach the optimal cold storage solution for your business, your products and your customers!

Are Modular Cold Rooms Suitable for Food and Drink Retail?

Modular Cold Rooms are an excellent cold storage solution for businesses which need a versatile, adaptable and efficient cold room. Nowhere is this more true than in the food and drink industry, with restaurants, hotels, supermarkets and many other retail outlets in the position to benefit from the many advantages they bring to the table.

Modular Cold Rooms

A modular cold room is a cold room made up of prebuilt insulated panels, which connect together alongside a cooling unit to form the cold room. The modular cold rooms for sale from MT Cold Storage Solutions are all made up of PUR-insulated panels, which offer a lightweight construction with unbeatable insulative properties.

The modular cold rooms for sale from MT Cold Storage Solutions can be set up quickly and efficiently, with turnkey installation which works around your existing business to prevent disruption to operations while the installation is taking place. In the case of restaurant cold storage or hotel cold storage, this is particularly desirable, since even during an unexpected rush, your business will be able to work and adapt to the new conditions while the modular cold room installation is going on.

Why Choose Modular Cold Rooms for Food and Drink Retail?

When you are choosing a cold room, you should consider modular cold rooms – they have several distinct advantages when it comes to food and drink retail – adaptability, hygiene, efficiency and quality.


The modular cold rooms for sale from MTcss are a particularly adaptable cold storage solution for any industry, since their constituent panels can simply be slotted together or taken away as needed. A modular cold room can be set up quickly and easily, providing the extra storage needed by a seasonal businesses during peak times and reducing energy expenditure in the off season, or allowing easy expansion as necessary. In food and drink retail, seasonal offers and changes in demand can often dramatically influence the amount of cold storage needed – meet the changes head-on with the versatility of a modular cold room!


The wipe-clean modular cold room panels from MTcss are connected by PVC angular joints and panel edges for the best possible hygiene standards. Easy to clean to a high standard, resistant to contamination, and coloured white to easily show any spills or sites in need of attention, a modular cold room from MTcss will help your restaurant, shop or café to meet their hygiene requirements with minimal effort!


The modular cold rooms for sale from MT Cold Storage Solutions don’t compromise on efficiency to achieve their incredible versatility – the PUR core panels used as standard in our modular cold rooms are an extremely effective insulator and thermal regulator, providing industry-leading thermal stability and energy efficiency to your restaurant cold room or walk-in freezer.

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If you’d like more information on how modular cold rooms can work to the advantage of businesses in the food and drinks retail industry, you can get in touch with MTcss on our telephone number, 01886 833381, or send us a message via the contact forms on this website!

The experts at our head office have been providing modular cold rooms to a range of industries for years, so whether you need to ask a question about restaurant cold storage, seek some advice on food preservation in a modular cold room, or place an order for a supermarket modular cold room, our staff can help!

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What is A Modular Cold Room - MTCSS

What is a Modular Cold Room?

When you are looking for a cold storage solution which suits your needs, you will have many factors to take into account. Cost, installation, space requirements, fitting with your current premises and facilities and the cost of maintenance (among many other factors) will all contribute to your choice, and can cause all sorts of headaches.

Luckily, MT Cold Storage Solutions is here with a solution to all your cold storage problems: our industry-leading modular cold rooms. Offering unmatched energy efficiency, total versatility and adaptability to your existing facilities, as well as turnkey installation to minimise disruption to your normal operations, MT Cold Storage Solution can supply the cold room you need, no matter your requirements.

Our engineers and installation teams have been at the forefront of the cold storage industry for years, so if you are looking for a proven modular cold rooms manufacturer, look no further than MTcss. We will take into account your unique requirements and create a solution which is perfectly suited to you!

What is a Modular Cold Room?

A modular cold room is a type of cold room (or walk-in cold storage) which consist of insulating panels, allowing high-quality insulation to be assembled in any pattern and to any size you need, with quick and easy installation and unique versatility which can be applied to any industry.

Our modular cold room panels are made with a low-density rigid PUR core, providing light weight and the best possible insulation for your modular cold rooms.

Thanks to our modular cold room panels your cold room can take on any required shape, and can be quickly installed or dismantled as you need it – providing an excellent source of temporary or permanent cold storage depending on your needs. This modular cold storage is also changeable with minimal hassle – for example, if you needed to expand a traditional cold room or walk-in freezer, an expensive and lengthy construction project may result, while expanding a modular cold room or modular freezer room is a simple matter of rearranging some panels and adding a few more to increase the volume of the modular cold room!

What are the Advantages of Modular Cold Rooms?

Modular Cold Rooms have a number of advantages over traditional cold rooms and walk-in freezers. Providing the same great insulation and energy-efficiency, the modular cold rooms for sale from MTcss are easily adaptable, providing the versatility and agility your business needs in these uncertain times – and our expert installation teams can install them quickly, with absolutely minimal disruption to your normal business operations. The primary advantages of a modular cold room over a traditional model include:


When it comes to versatility, it is impossible to match a modular cold room, especially one made by an expert, industry-leading modular cold room manufacturer like MT Cold Storage Solutions. Unlike a conventional cold room installation, installing a modular cold room is a simple matter of connecting the self-contained insulated panels together, making the installation quick and easy – but even more important is the reversibility of the process, enabling you to remove panels with the same ease.

As a result, when you need to expand or downsize your cold storage, a potentially expensive construction project is averted – all you need to do is take panels out, and add (or remove) any panels that you need to create the ideal cold storage solution for your new requirements!

This even applies to the extent of making temporary modular cold rooms, which can be set up to meet seasonal demand, or transported easily to the location where you need them, set up and used, then dismantled and moved again when necessary. No other cold room can offer this level of versatility and adaptability.

Turnkey Installation

As mentioned above, MT Cold Storage Solutions operate a turnkey installation service on all our modular cold rooms. What this means is that we will liaise closely with you to determine the best installation options for your business, choosing the most advantageous possible time and date for you, and working around your existing business operations to prevent as much disruption as possible to your business.

Our modular cold rooms are quick to set up, and require minimal invasive construction work, so you can rest easy knowing that the ordinary running of your business won’t have to stop while your modular cold room is installed. In fact, we will ensure that your installation is as unobtrusive as possible, working completely around your business to provide a service that works for everyone.

Why Choose a Cold Room Over Other Refrigeration?

The biggest question, then, isn’t whether to invest in a modular cold room, but whether to invest in a cold room over other refrigeration options: after all, why should you choose a cold room over a bank of refrigerators, for example?

Space Efficiency

When it comes to space efficiency, one large refrigerated area is vastly more efficient than many smaller refrigerators. With a bank of refrigerators, or several smaller chillers, the refrigerated space is split into many small components, each one with its own insulation, cooling unit and power supply. It’s not hard to see the sense in consolidating these spaces into one, with only one set of insulating walls and only one cooling unit and power supply.

Choosing a cold room – particularly a modular cold room – over a set of many smaller chillers or refrigerators will save a huge amount of space, providing you with more available business space to be put to good use and, ultimately, the potential for a more profitable business.

Cost Efficiency

As well as being more space efficient, a single consolidated space is more energy efficient from a cold storage point of view. Instead of many refrigerated spaces, all drawing power, and all with thinner, less efficient insulation, a large cold room only draws power to one cooling unit and has considerably thicker, more efficient insulating walls. This helps drive down your energy bill and increases business efficiency.

Do MTcss Have Modular Cold Rooms for Sale?

MTcss have a range of modular cold rooms for sale, along with insulated doors and cold room fittings to suit any needs. Whether you need a completely bespoke modular cold room or a Modular Box which can be quickly set up to provide the maximum standards of refrigeration, MTcss can help you.

Contact MTcss for Modular Cold Rooms Today!

For an industry-leading modular cold rooms manufacturer, look no further than MT Cold Storage Solution. We have been providing the best quality modular cold rooms on the market for years, and have the industry expertise needed to ensure you get the best possible result for your needs.

If you would like more information on our range of modular cold rooms and other modular cold storage, or you would like to enquire about a quote or place an order, you can get in touch with MTcss on our telephone number, 01886 833381, or use the contact form on this site to get in touch!

Cold Room Suppliers

The Comprehensive Guide to Choosing a Cold Room

Choosing a cold room for your business is no easy task; you’ll need to take into account a wide range of factors and requirements to make sure you get the cold room that is best suited to your needs. An essential component of many facilities, a cold room allows you to store and preserve a range of goods and materials with greater use of space and better energy-efficiency than any other cold storage solution. Providing you with the space you need to organise your storage optimally, streamlining your business and saving your staff time and effort.

The experts at MT Cold Storage Solutions will be happy to help you choose the cold room that perfectly suits your business needs – if you’d like further advice on choosing a cold room, you can get in touch with us via telephone, 01886 833381, via emailing sales@mtcss.co.uk, or by submitting a response on our contact form on this site!

How a Cold Room Works

A cold room works in largely the same way that a domestic refrigerator works – insulating an area and using refrigerant-equipped cooling units to lower the temperature inside to a certain level, specified by a thermostat. Generally, the cooling units work by heat exchange, with air being drawn into the unit, cooled via the use of refrigerant chemicals, then blown out to circulate in the cold room, lowering the overall temperature. The cold room temperature will be monitored by a thermostat, and if the temperature rises too high or drops too low, it sends a signal to the cooling unit to adjust its output accordingly.

The insulation in the cold room is one of the most vital features, as it prevents the cold room from becoming a heat sink, which would draw warmth from the surrounding environment until it equalised with the outside world. Without insulation, warmth will seep in, forcing your cooling unit to work harder to keep the interior cold, enormously boosting your energy usage and potentially causing the cooling unit to burn out. This insulation isn’t just your cold room walls, either – insulated flooring is also vital, as are insulated ceilings and doors, creating a maximally insulated environment for your cold storage.

As well as protecting your energy bill and cooling unit, your cold room insulation also protects your stored goods, keeping the temperature right and preventing them from warming up too much and being ruined. At MT Cold Storage Solutions, we provide cold room insulation, cooling units and thermostats to create the most effective cold storage space possible. Ask about our cold rooms today!

Why Have a Cold Room?

A modular cold room or industrial cold room is the ideal cold storage solution for a business which must refrigerate or chill large amounts of stock – including foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals, IT servers and computing equipment, and other products and materials. A cold room is ideal for this purpose thanks to the space offered inside, and the fact that it is one large space which can be maintained at the same temperature, saving energy compared to a bank of smaller refrigerators or freezers. By consolidating many individual refrigerator’s worth of cold storage into one space, you also improve your business’ use of space, as only one insulating outer case and only one cooling unit is necessary to keep everything at the required temperature – freeing up other valuable space for use by your staff or customers!

Cold Room or Refrigerators?

If you are only storing a small volume of goods, then a refrigerator may be the best choice for your business. However, these cold storage solutions are severely space-limited, and at larger volumes or levels of demand, your business will need to upgrade – either to a bank of refrigerators, or to a cold room. While it may seem like a big investment, a cold room has many advantages over a bank of refrigerators, including:

Better Use of Space

As mentioned above, consolidating your cold storage into one space greatly improves the available space in an area. In a cold room, the cold storage area is in one place and is surrounded by only one set of walls and doors, with only one cooling unit to occupy space. In a bank of refrigerators offering an equivalent storage space, the space is divided into many smaller pieces, and each piece of cold storage space is surrounded by its own walls and door. Each space will be separated from another by not just its own wall, but the wall of the next refrigerator, and each one will have its own cooling unit, requiring much more access to power to run. As a result, the same amount of cold storage space occupies far more of your business premises than it otherwise would – space that is valuable and could be better spent in other ways.

Better Use of Energy

In addition to more sensible use of space, consolidating your cold storage into one room provides better energy efficiency. The thicker, more effective insulation of a cold room, and the difficulty in raising the temperature of a large volume of cold air compared to a small one, means that the temperature within a cold room is much more stable than in a smaller refrigerator. Therefore the cooling unit doesn’t need to work as hard to maintain an optimum operating temperature. In addition to this, it is more energy-efficient to operate one cooling unit than it is to run a dozen smaller units.

Overall, choosing a cold room over a bank of refrigerators is a great way to keep your business’ energy bill healthy and your costs down!

More Storage Ability

The larger space available within a cold room compared to the partitioned-off spaces available in multiple refrigerators means that larger items and bulk items can be stored easily – but also means that furniture such as shelving can be installed, providing more opportunities for organisation and streamlining your storage solutions, so your stock is always easy to find and where you need it to be.

Why Have a Walk-in Freezer?

A walk-in freezer is, as the name suggests, is a freezer big enough to allow your staff to walk into the cold room to retrieve frozen goods. The freezers available from MT Cold Storage Solutions are capable of achieving temperatures anywhere between 0°C and -40°C, making them powerful chillers, suitable for freezing and deep freezing.

While microbial action is slowed at refrigeration temperatures, prolonging the lifespan of foodstuffs and other biodegradable items, it can be completely halted at freezing temperatures, preserving these goods almost indefinitely. Where you need to be able to preserve items for long periods of time, or preserve them at a certain point of their ageing (as with “frozen from fresh” foods) then a freezer is the ideal choice for you.

As with chiller cold rooms, a walk-in freezer provides large amounts of cold storage in a way that is both space-efficient and energy-efficient, and may be the best choice for your business.

What is a Cold Room Used For?

A cold room is used to preserve goods which would degrade at higher temperatures, including foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals, agricultural and horticultural supplies and even operational IT servers, which must not build up too much heat or they will suffer decreases in performance and lifespan.

A cold room’s low temperatures, which can range from 18°C to 0°C in the industrial cold rooms provided by MT Cold Storage Solutions, ensure that the goods and materials stored inside are kept at a low enough temperature to preserve them, preventing microbial action or the action of higher temperatures from breaking them down or degrading them.

Cold rooms for the food and drinks industry, as well as in grocery retail and restaurants, preserve the food inside in the same way a kitchen refrigerator does. In pharmaceutical industry cold rooms, a cold room protects pharmaceuticals from the degradation suffered at higher temperatures, and in the IT industry, delicate computer equipment which must be kept cool is protected from overheating by situating it in a cold room.

What Industries Can Make Use of a Cold Room?

There are a huge number of industries which can make use of a cold room for one reason or another. Those mentioned above – food and drinks, retail, restaurants, pharmaceuticals and IT – are just a few of those industries which can benefit from cold storage.

Cold rooms for agriculture and horticulture can also be beneficial, and use of a cold room can also benefit abattoirs and slaughterhouses, chemical processing, manufacturing and industry, and various other industries. Wherever there is a need for cold storage in large volume, or easy-access, well-organised refrigeration, the cold rooms from MT Cold Storage Solutions are ideal.

Where to Buy a Cold Room

If you are looking for a cold room, then MT Cold Storage Solutions can help you. MTcss have decades of experience in providing bespoke cold storage solutions to fit any business and any requirements, so we will be able to help you find the coldroom that is perfect for you. If you have any questions about cold rooms, or you would some advice and information on the best sort of cold room for your business, you can call MTcss any time on 01886 833381, email us on sales@mtcss.co.uk, or use the contact form on this site for more information – we’ll be happy to help you.

You can also use those contact details to request a quote for a cold room or arrange a site visit – whatever you need to arrange the ideal cold storage solution for your needs.

What to Consider When Buying Your Cold Room

There are several factors to take into account when you are choosing a cold room or deciding whether to buy a coldroom. The questions you’ll need to ask yourself when buying a coldroom include, but aren’t limited to:

What Size Do You Need?

The cost of your cold room will depend on the size you need. The size of coldroom you choose will also depend on what you need to store, the amounts and level of organisation required, and the available space. Bear in mind that larger cold rooms may be more expensive to install and maintain, but will be more efficient than a number of smaller chillers providing equivalent cold storage space.

What are Your Temperature Requirements?

If you need to store goods between 0°C and +18°C, then a chiller or ambient cold room will be ideal for you. However, if you need lower temperatures to preserve your goods, below freezing, then a freezer cold rom available from MT Cold Storage Solutions will be better suited to your needs. Able to operate at temperatures between 0°C and -40°C, our walk-in freezers are perfect for freezing and deep-freezing large volumes of goods at temperatures below what a cold room can supply.

What Industry are You Buying For?

The industry that you are buying for will have an impact on the cold storage solution you choose, and the features of the cold room which will be most useful to you. Several industries, like food and pharmaceuticals, have exacting standards for hygiene and prevention of contamination, making an easy-to-clean, easy-to-maintain cold room a necessity. Others, like agriculture or chemical processing, may necessitate a hard-wearing, durable cold room. Consider the industry which your cold room will be serving, and the requirements which that industry will place on your cold storage. Will your coldroom have to conform to any legal requirements? Will it have any particular challenges to contend with?

What are Your Existing Facilities?

MT Cold Storage Solutions works with your existing facilities to provide a full turnkey service in the design and installation of your cold room – ensuring minimal disruption to your day-to-day activities and business productivity. However, no two installations are the same – if your premises already has a large space where the cold room can be installed, the installation will be more seamless than if you need to clear a space or renovate your premises to make room. Whatever your existing facilities, MTcss can help you to find the perfect cold storage solution.

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Once you’re in touch, you’ll be able to ask for a quote, arrange a site visit, get advice on the type of cold room that suits your needs and ask any questions you may have – our head office staff have decades of experience and will be happy to help you with anything you need!