The Importance of Always Stocking Cold Room Spares

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail, and nowhere is this clearer than in the world of business. Without preparations laid in ahead of time to counter potential problems as they crop up, your business is vulnerable to disruption, lost profits and dependent on external help. This could potentially delay your recovery and cost you even further.

This is especially true in the case of businesses which operate cold rooms, walk-in freezers, refrigerated warehouses and other cold storage areas, as a component failure in these industries could be potentially catastrophic. Whether they are protecting food products, temperature-sensitive goods or computer servers, it is vital to keep your cold rooms up and running!

Failure of even the smallest component can result in a compromised cold room – as an example, if one of the cold room gaskets which kept the door sealed were to fail, then the cold room could not be sealed against the ambient temperature of the outside, and the internal temperature would begin to rise. This could potentially result in the goods stored within heating up too much and being ruined, or cause your refrigeration unit to be overworked, risking expensive damage. In this situation, it may not be possible to wait hours or days for a replacement part to be delivered and fitted; it is necessary to have the cold room spares to hand.

Cold room spares are a vital investment for any business running a cold room or freezer, and MTcss is happy to provide the spare parts you need at a competitive price, with prompt delivery at a time that suits you. With our cold room spares, you’ll be better-equipped to respond quickly to a problem or failure in your cold room, maintaining the refrigeration, preventing disruption to your business and protecting your stock.

The practice of stocking cold room spares suitable for your cold room door is particularly useful where cold room gaskets are involved – as these crucial components can be quickly and easily replaced in the event of a failure and they are inexpensive, although crucial for maintaining a good seal in your chillers and freezers.

This gives them a very high cost-effectiveness: cheap to stock, easy to store and easy to use, having cold room gaskets on hand may solve a potentially disastrous problem further down the line! With such a gap between the cost of the gaskets and the benefits of stocking a few spares, can you really afford not to?

For more information on stocking and using cold room spares, or for advice on replacing a component, get in touch with MT Cold Storage Solutions today on 01527 834661 today, email us on or use the contact form on this site! The experts at MTcss will be happy to help you find a supply of high-quality cold room spares to suit your needs, and prepare you to deal with a component failure quickly, effectively and decisively!

What Sorts of Cold Room Door & Wall Protection are Available?

Keeping your cold room in good condition is essential to making sure that it stays effective, keeping everything properly chilled and providing the service your customers need.

One of the most important components of keeping your cold room in the best possible condition is protecting it against damage. Wear and tear will take its toll on your cold storage solutions over time, and frequent small bumps and knocks will start to accumulate damage. Scuffing, scratches and impacts can all result in problems in the long run – so it’s best to be well protected and keep your cold storage solutions working optimally no matter what.

If you would like to invest in protecting against damage and wear, the sorts of protection available from MTcss for your cold room include:

5 Bar Wall & Door Protection

5-bar aluminium tread plate is an extremely sturdy and cost-effective way to protect your cold room floors, and is commonly used in this application – but it can also be an extremely effective cladding for walls and doors. If you install it on the lower half of your floors and doors, it will provide an excellent armour against impacts from trolleys, cages and pallets, keeping your walls, floors and doors in the best condition.

The 5 Bar Aluminium Wall & Door Protection can be cut to your requirements or fabricated to your specific angles and shapes to make sure that you are fully protected, no matter your needs.

Aluminium Angle Protection

For the corners and edges of your cold room or walk-in freezer, an aluminium angle extrusion may be the perfect protection. Available cut to any size, you can use this lightweight, hardy material to protect your corners or to line the perimeter of your cold room, to cover heaters and door frames or to reinforce the edges of structures in the room. Aluminium is corrosion-resistant and tough, and can be cut to your specifications or delivered with next-day delivery to make sure your cold room is protected and ready for use as soon as possible.

Food Safe Sheeting, Flashings and Trims

Food safe coated steel, available with an attractive and hygienic white finish, is extremely resistant to corrosion, easy to wipe clean and clearly shows any spills or marks, making sure your cold room stays clean and safe. Food safe white coated sheeting, flashings and trims can be made to fit your existing cold room, so whatever your requirements, MTcss will be able to accommodate you and ensure your customers and your business are safe.

For more information on our range of protection options for your cold room walls, doors and floors, you can get in touch with MTcss at any time by calling 01886 833381 or contacting us on our contact forms. One of our cold-storage experts will be happy to discuss your requirements and help you find the protection solution that suits your business and your needs.