How Much Does A High-Speed Chiller Or Freezer Door Cost?



If your business needs cold storage to keep produce or goods chilled but has relied on traditional swinging or sliding doors in the past, you will want to know how investing in a rapid-rise door could be a cost-effective option. Before committing to installing a new high-speed chiller or freezer door, or giving too much thought to the upfront cost, it’s worth considering two key questions:

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1) How Could A High-Speed Door Benefit My Business?

Many benefits of new equipment are difficult to quantify monetary terms, so it’s often easy to be distracted by the initial outlay compared to eventual returns. A new high-speed door could, however, deliver significant cost savings and efficiencies over time:

Reduced Energy Loss:

High-speed doors open and close rapidly compared to sliding or swinging doors, thereby preventing the loss of cool air from the cold store. With more consistent and stable low temperatures, the cold store will consume less energy, reducing bills and goods will maintain their condition without premature spoilage.

Workplace Efficiency:

High-speed doors eliminate the problems associated with manual sliding or swinging doors that open slowly. Warehouse operatives can move freely to shift stock into or out of cold storage, while an end to having to leave forklift cabs or put down armfuls of bulky stock to operate the door will help to improve workplace practices, for a more streamlined operation.

A Cleaner Cold Environment:

High-speed doors help to reduce the flow of dirt and contamination into the cold store, as the door isn’t left open for extended periods. Less contamination helps keep stock in prime condition, maintaining its value, while less time and expenditure will be needed keeping the interior of the cold store clean.

2) What Will Be The Likely Return On My Investment?

Predicting the ROI is based on some key assumptions which weigh up the likely outcome of retaining your current door and the benefits of installing a new high-speed version:

  • Without a high-speed door installation, maintenance costs are likely to be higher, particularly if the current door has been in situ for a long time. Changes in gaskets and repairs to the sliding system and handle may be needed.
  • An existing sliding or swing opening door may require complete replacement in the medium-term, due to replacement parts not being cost-effective or, in the case of older models, unavailable.

Considering these points, high speed doors could be a logical and worthwhile investment for many industries.

Nergeco High-Speed Cold Store Doors From MTCSS

At MTCSS, we supply, install, and service an extensive range of Nergeco high-speed doors for cold rooms and walk-in freezers. With over 35 years’ experience in the field, Nergeco are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-speed rapid-rise doors for industry, with a commitment to providing safe, insulated, and efficient solutions where regular and unrestricted access to cold stores is required. Get in touch with our specialists today to find out more.

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