How To Deep Clean And Maintenance-Check A Cold Room After Lockdown


How To Deep Clean And Maintenance-Check A Cold Room After Lockdown


With the UK having spent months in lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic, cold rooms across the country have lain empty for long stretches. Now, as normal trading resumes for many businesses and the warmer weather sets in, there’s an urgent need for cold rooms to be cleaned and maintenance-checked to ensure they deliver efficient, hygienic, and effective service.

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Businesses that depend on cold, sterile environments to keep products fresh and safe for human consumption must always ensure that their modular cold rooms are well-maintained. However, the consequences of extended lockdowns mean this is more important than ever. So, what steps should you take to bring your cold stores back into full service in summer 2021?

Effective Cold Room Cleaning Tips

For the storage of food and pharmaceuticals, hygienic cold storage is essential so, to prepare cold rooms post-lockdown, follow these robust cleaning tips:

  1. Remove accumulations of dust and other debris using a vacuum cleaner on the floor and warm damp cloths on shelves and other surfaces.
  2. Mild detergents or specialist cleaning products designed for cold rooms can be used safely in modular cold stores.
  3. Remaining perishable products from before the lockdowns should be disposed of immediately to prevent the growth of mould or bacteria.
  4. Clean the seals around the cold room door to eliminate the accumulation of dirt, dust, or mould, and to ensure a snug fit when the door is closed.
  5. After cleaning, dry all surfaces, including the floor, to eliminate any residual water that could freeze once the cold room is chilled.

Essential Cold Room Maintenance Checks

With cold rooms having been out of use for weeks or months, it’s possible that mechanical faults may have developed during that time. Before the cold store is returned to use, a systematic series of maintenance checks will help to uncover any problems so that timely action can be taken:

  • Check the door seals for splits, cracks, or signs of wear and tear.
  • Check for gauges or damage to the insulated panels.

For refrigeration maintenance checks, we recommend an annual service by a local refrigeration service team:

  • Check the compressors for oil leaks.
  • Check the refrigerant levels to ensure there is adequate volume.
  • Thoroughly clean the evaporator and fins to ensure adequate temperature maintenance.
  • Assess the control valves and reverse blowing to ensure these are working correctly.
  • Conduct a full system test to ensure there is no malfunction of the cold store.

Failure to carry out these maintenance checks may mean the cold room is restarted with underlying problems that could lead to the spoilage of products.

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As a business owner preparing to resume trading after lockdown, your time is precious, so it makes sense to entrust the cleaning and maintenance of your cold rooms to an expert professional. At MTCSS, we understand the importance of an efficient cold room for keeping your stock in optimum condition and helping you to conform with essential health and safety regulations.

We offer an unrivalled cold room maintenance and refurbishment service that can get your cold stores up and running after lockdown, giving you the time to focus on more profitable aspects of your business. To find out more, please get in touch with MTCSS by phone, or click here to send us a message.

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