Turnkey Temperature Controlled Solutions in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Did you know that as well as supplying and installing cold rooms, doors and offering full cold room refurbishment – MTCSS also provide turnkey solutions for projects? Encompassing every aspect of cold storage –  from cold rooms and high speed doors, to refrigeration and lighting – MTCSS can offer a turnkey cold storage solution to meet your specifications and requirements.

And we will be doing just that, when the MTCSS team transforms an empty warehouse into a temperature controlled solution to be used for pharmaceutical storage. The project includes; a chiller cold room with refrigeration, a temperature controlled ambient area, high speed doors, refrigerated doors, lighting and fall protection.

The Project : Chilled and Ambient Areas

The 153,900m3  warehouse will be divided into two separate zones – a chiller area maintaining between 2 to 8 degrees and an ambient area for temperatures of between 15 to 25 degrees. However the accuracy of the temperature controlled system within the ambient area means it will achieve +/-1 degrees to its set temperature). A dividing wall will be installed above the chiller, cut to the apex ceiling of the warehouse to ensure the temperature divide is maintained.

MTCSS will be forming the large chiller cold room from 150mm IPN Quadcore  Kingspan panel, with 5 hinged doors, 2 Nergeco high speed doors,  LED lighting and refrigeration. The refrigeration in the chiller, the temperature control in the ambient area will have 100% back up system contingencies for any unlikely failures, the systems will operate on dual change over periods. The high speed doors will have UPS systems fitted so to still operate in the unlikely event of on-site power failures.

The Site : Safety on MTCSS’s Site

The project will span 12 weeks with MTCSS on site as the principal designer and main contractor on the project ensuring everything runs smoothly, safely and to the project’s deadlines.

So how have MTCSS ensured that the site adheres to health and safety guidelines, especially during these unusual times? :
• Mobile welfare sites have been hired, in order to increase the number of toilets on site and larger welfare areas have been laid out, to ensure contractors are able to safely social distance when they are taking breaks.
• All hard hats supplied are plastic externally and internally, so they can be wiped down and cleaned easily.
• Sanitising stations are located around the site to encourage contractors to sanitise their hands regularly and follow government guidelines.
• There is a strict signing in policy for both contractors and visitors, to ensure we are monitoring who and how many people are on site and also for the Track and Trace system.
• The site has been laid out in zones using barriers – trying where reasonably practical to separate pedestrians from work place transport.

As well as the above, there are daily checks taking place across site to ensure all guidelines are adhered to and all equipment on site is safe to use.

Turnkey Cold Room Projects with MTCSS

MTCSS can provide cold storage solutions for a wide range of industries, from the food & drink industry to the pharmaceutical & medical industry – whether you require a 5m x 5m chiller cold room, or a 50m x 50m chiller cold room, MTCSS have a solution for your business.

If you would like more information on chiller, freezer and ambient rooms supplied and installed by MTCSS, get in touch with our team! You can call us on 01886 358272, email us at sales@mtcss.co.uk or fill in a contact form here!

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