MTCSS as Main Contractors for Cold Room Design and Installation


MTCSS as Main Contractors for Cold Room Design and Installation


The team at MTCSS are experts when it comes to all things cold storage – from cold room panelling to insulated doors and flooring to temperature control and lighting. That is why MTCSS are the perfect choice as your main contractor for the supply, design and install of chiller/freezer cold rooms and ambient temperature-controlled areas.

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We consider every element of design, from how a cold room will affect your business processes to how it fits in with your budget, deadlines, and health & safety guidelines. You can rest assured our team will work closely with you to develop a cold storage solution to last the test of time and enhance your business. So, what does being a main contractor entail?


When it comes to a designing a cold room or temperature-controlled facility which is fit for purpose, MTCSS work with you and your team to understand your needs.

If you provide us with drawings, specifications and you know your exact requirements – we will provide a detailed quotation according to information provided, asking questions along the way if we can see potential problems, or better solutions.

But it may be the case that you are unsure of what you need when it comes to cold room installation. In this case we will ask the right questions (What are you using your cold room for? What kind of access do you require? What space do you have available?) to collaborate with you to design a solution which will suit your needs.

Whether you are looking for a 100,000m³ cold room for your warehousing and distribution facility, or triple compartment cold room for meat storage and preparation – the MTCSS team will design the best temperature-controlled solution for your business.


MTCSS can build and install every element required to form a bespoke temperature-controlled facility, including:

  • Cold room panelling for chillers, freezers, clean rooms, food storage and preparation.
  • Cold room doors – hinged doors, sliding doors, atmospheric and specialised doors.
  • High-speed rapid roll doors for chillers and freezers, external and internal environments
  • Flooring from insulated floor to altro flooring for pedestrians, pallet trucks, vehicles and more.
  • Refrigeration, ambient temperature control and air conditioning.
  • LED lighting for various temperatures.

When it comes to cold storage solutions, the MTCSS team can deliver and build a solution which is custom to your requirements – whether you need a cold room for storing food produce or an ambient area for pharmaceuticals, we will provide the perfect solution to suit your specification.


As main contractors on site, MTCSS will manage every detail of your project – ensuring every element is planned and adhering to deadlines, health & safety guidelines and any other procedures required, including:

  • Project Management and Programmes of Works.
  • Disposal & Waste Management.
  • Health & Safety Management.
  • Collaboration with Contractors.

Our team will work closely and manage any other contractors or teams on site, ensuring we work seamlessly and effectively to complete your cold storage project.


After the cold room installation is complete, we will complete a site review to ensure everything is completed and left to the highest standard. Once the project is signed off, we issue Operation and Maintenance Manuals, any warranty information, and our recommendations for service.

And if you have a problem – MTCSS won’t leave it unsolved. Our team will respond quickly to resolve any issues or questions you may have.

MTCSS have experience working within a range of industries, from food manufacture and pharmaceuticals to distribution and construction – so you can be rest assured we have the understanding, the knowledge and capability to take on your project. If you want to know more about how MTCSS can help you as a main contractor, or you would like us to provide a quote for a temperature-controlled facility – get in touch with our team today! Call us on 01886 833381, email us at or fill in an enquiry form here!

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