Ambient Wine Storage for Brabourne Winery

Did you know that MTCSS can offer more than chiller and freezer cold rooms? We can also design and install ambient temperature controlled rooms. Ambient rooms are used to store a range of products, including wine!

MTCSS recently installed an ambient room for wine storage at Brabourne Winery in Kent. Located in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Brabourne Wine needed a temperature controlled solution to store their wine without developing new building on the property or without making external visual differences to their existing buildings.

MTCSS’s solution was to build an ambient temperature controlled room within one of the existing outbuildings – our team designed a bespoke room built from insulated panel to fit within the existing space and size available in the outbuilding. 

The 56.4m³ ambient room was built with 80mm Kingspan Quadcore Panel, making it food safe, easy to clean and offering the highest quality insulation properties. To achieve the temperature ranges required, the MTCSS team supplied and installed an air conditioning system in the insulated space.

The temperature controlled room was custom built to make the most of the space available and to allow for the access required – this included 1 MTH insulated 500TN hinged door and a set of MTH 500TN double hinged insulated doors to allow for pedestrian and pallet access in and out of the ambient room.

In order to store and manage the wine stock effectively, MTCSS worked with Brabourne Wine to develop a storage solution to fit within their space and requirements. We supplied and installed bespoke storage racking to allow them to store their wine effectively and in line with their processes.

Our team worked closely with Brabourne Wine throughout the process, from survey to installation and after sales, to deliver a completely custom cold room to suit their requirements and enhance their day to day. MTCSS’s exceeded the client’s expectations and fits their needs perfectly.

Project Specifications

• External dimensions : 4800mm x 4700mm x 2500mm (w x d x h)
• 80mm Kingspan panel
• 1no MTH 500TN 900mm x 2000mm hinged door
• 1no MTH 500TN double hinged doors 1800mm x 2000mm hinged door
• Air conditioning system for ambient temperature control
• Racking

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