Full Cold Room Refurbishment at Steve’s Family Butchers

At MTCSS we understand the impact may have had COVID-19 on your business – but we also understand that you may need to upgrade your cold storage to ensure it is performing efficiently and adhering to health and safety guidelines.

MTCSS can offer full cold room refurbishment for your chiller and freezer cold rooms, improving its efficiency, its aesthetics and its safety. The team recently refurbished a cold room for Steve’s Family Butchers, a butchers based in Barton-On-Clay in Bedfordshire, transforming the chiller cold room internally.

So what was involved in refurbishing the butcher’s walk in cold room?

MTCSS removed the meat rail system from the room, to allow us complete access, in order to cover all the walls and ceilings with 2.5mm food safe hygienic planking. This gives the appearance of a cold room being brand new internally, but it is lower in cost than replacing cold room panels or building a new cold room. Hygienic planking is used to cover the panel when paint is coming away, or it has been dented or gauged, and if the panel is stained.

We overlaid the existing floor with 12mm marine plywood, which was fixed through the floor and overlaid the plywood with 2mm 5 bar aluminium sheeting to create a non-slip waterproof floor covering. All joints were then bituthened to prevent water ingress. The plywood and 5 bar sheeting was installed to give the floor an even finish, whilst improving its safety due to reducing the risk of employees slipping on the floor. The overlay is also water resistant and provides resistance to damp and fungus – and it increases the lifespan of the floor to 10 to 15 years.

The MTCSS team fitted new internal coving to the ceiling and corners, and 38mm x 38mm aluminium angle to floor to fall in order to join the floors and wall together to seal the room and improve the appearance. We also fitted a new sweeper gasket to the bottom of the hinged door blade and replaced a hinge to improve the door seal and to more effectively maintain internal temperatures.

How do you know if you can have your cold room refurbished?

If your chiller or freezer cold room is looking tired and in need of some TLC, contact MTCSS to arrange a site survey and we can help you identify if a cold room refurbishment is suitable! Get in touch with us on 01886 358272, email us at sales@mtcss.co.uk or fill in a contact form here!

Steves Family Butchers now has a fantastic refurbished cold room, which actually looks like a whole new cold room thanks to MTcss cold storage solutions. We found they responded in a very quick and helpful manner which meant that they communicated well with us and kept us informed well. The refurbishment was completed to a very high standard in a professional manner. We are exceptionally pleased with the service that we received.

Joanne Peck

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