Where Can I Quickly Buy Cold Stop Insulated Curtains For A Cold Room Refurbishment?



If you’re planning a refurbishment of your cold room, you’ll probably have already realised that a long drawn-out project will only cause inconvenience to your business, particularly if you’re having to make special arrangements to manage with one cold store less than usual. Cold rooms are essential for the storage of stock, such as food or medicines, which could spoil if subjected to warmer temperatures, so it simply isn’t possible to take a store out of service for an extended period. However, refurbishment is important to ensure your cold room operates efficiently and, for this reason, special features, such as cold stop insulated curtains, are central to its long-term effectiveness.

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The Benefits Of Cold Stop Insulated Curtains

Traditionally, businesses that rely on walk-in chillers or cold rooms have used PVC strip curtains as a thermal barrier between the storage area and adjacent rooms. However, as well as suffering from a cheap and basic appearance, PVC strip curtains are prone to tears. Due to health and safety regulations, replacing defective strips quickly is essential to ensure that your cold store meets operational standards.

At MTCSS, we can quickly supply and install a revolutionary and cost-effective alternative to PVC strip curtains that won’t inconveniently put your cold store refurbishment on hold. Cold stop insulated curtains offer considerable benefits that will ensure your cold room operates at maximum efficiency:

  • Superior insulation compared to PVC strips – in fact up to ten times greater – that will maintain consistently cold temperatures while reducing your energy costs.
  • Energy savings of at least 25% in chillers and 33% in freezers.
  • Low maintenance, simple repairs, and ease of cleaning to ensure your exacting hygiene standards are met.
  • Adaptable for different settings, from agriculture and food manufacture to horticulture and pharmaceuticals.
  • Bio-Gard antibacterial windows to allow light into closed cold stores.
  • Available in standard sizes (300 x 2300mm) with an option for taller curtains.

The Unique Cold Lock System For Superior Insulation

Airtight fitting is crucial to maximise the energy efficiency of your cold store. However, poorly fitted curtains allow the escape of cold air and the ingress of warm air, forcing your cold room to work harder to achieve an optimum temperature.

At MTCSS, we install cold stop insulated curtains that feature a unique cold lock system, which ensures the curtains fit snugly against the floor and ceiling. Not only does this slash your energy costs by improving the efficiency of your cold room insulation, but it also enables us to install the insulated curtains quickly, so you can complete your cold store refurbishment with less disruption.

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