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Chiller and freezer cold rooms need an efficient system to keep them cool and to ensure your products are protected all year round. MTCSS have the answer when it comes to providing an optimal temperature-controlled solution for your custom cold room or ambient area.

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MTCSS offer cold room design and construction, providing everything from the walk-in cold room and insulated doors to the cold refrigeration system and lighting.

Temperature Ranges For Bespoke Cold Rooms And Temperature-Controlled Areas

The MTCSS team will work with you to understand which kind of refrigeration system or temperature-controlled unit will best suit your cold room requirements and applications. We can supply and install solutions for various temperature ranges including:

  • Walk-in chiller cold storage: +0°C to +10°C
  • Freezer cold rooms: -1°C to +40°C
  • Ambient areas: +10°C to +30°C
  • Air conditioning

We can design and install bespoke cold rooms and modular cold rooms with the perfect temperature-controlled system for your specification and application. Whether you require a walk-in chiller to store food produce, a freezer cold room for product testing, ambient pharmaceutical storage or office air conditioning – MTCSS can provide a high-quality solution.

Types Of Cold Room Refrigeration Systems And Temperature Control

Different products need to be stored at different temperature ranges and dependent on the space your cold room is built in, some temperature-controlled systems will be better suited. So, what systems can MTCSS offer?

  • Monoblock refrigeration systems: these are ideal for small-to-medium capacity chiller and freezer cold rooms which are installed in well-ventilated areas. These systems are installed through the wall or through the ceiling of the cold room panels – they are integral ‘plug and play’ systems which are easier to install.
  • Split refrigeration systems: these are idea for small-to-large capacity cold rooms which are less ventilated, or don’t have the space for a through wall / ceiling system. They are also better suited to bespoke cold rooms which require very specific temperature ranges.
  • Ambient temperature control: for areas which don’t require chiller or freezing, but need ambient temperatures of between +10°C and +30°C.
  • Air conditioning: for office spaces, kitchens, changing areas or any other area which may require air conditioning.

We can also design temperature-controlled systems with remote monitoring systems; integration with building management systems and 100% back-up – meaning that in the event of a failure of your refrigeration unit, you products will consistently be protected and the internal temperatures of your custom cold room will be maintained.

If you would like to know a bespoke cold room, or ambient area with temperature control, by MTCSS can help enhance your business – get in touch with our team today! Call us on 01886 833381, email us at sales@mtcss.co.uk or fill in an enquiry form here!

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