Service, Flip Flap & Swing Doors

MTCSS have a complete range of doors for various applications and specifications – including cold room doors, high speed doors, industrial doors, service doors and flip flap / swing doors.

Our expert team can supply and install doors which will suit your business needs, improve your processes and protect your products and people. MTCSS’s range personnel and service hinged doors are semi insulated and food safe – making them ideal for separating areas with positive temperatures, such as warehouses and offices, technical areas and more.

MTCSS’s swing and flip flap doors are ideal for use in areas of high traffic and separating areas with positive temperatures. These doors are durable and food safe, with the option for vision panels, making them ideal for use in food production areas.

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Personnel Doors

Available with or without vision panel.

Single or double door options available
Semi-insulating hinged door, used for technical areas, offices and toilettes.

  • Hinged
  • Semi-insulating
  • Blade thickness 40mm
  • Polyurethane density 40Kg/m³
  • Double blade version available

Mainly used in areas with a positive temperature (therefore T>0°C), in order to:
• divide areas for the drugs processing, or areas for the blood processing and freezing, from the ones used as offices;
• divide noisy areas (soundproof door) from the ones that must be deafened (for example in the hospitals);
• divide cold areas (thermo-insulating door) from the ones used as offices;
• divide projecting areas from the one used as offices, for example in the Communication and IT industry;
• divide hygienic areas (toilettes, showers) from the dressing room.

To & Fro Doors

Single or double door options available

Semi-insulating bidirectional hinged door, used to divide processing areas with a heavy passage of people and/or trolleys.

  • Hinged
  • Semi-insulating
  • Blade thickness 40mm
  • Polyurethane density 40Kg/m³
  • Double blade version available

Suitable to divide the processing areas (meat, milk, cheese, fruit preservation …) from the ones used for the transit of people and/or trolleys (corridors) or from the dressing rooms and the toilettes.
Generally used at a positive temperature (therefore T>0°C).

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Traffic Doors

The combination of versatility with a high ability to withstand stress makes industrial swing doors the ideal solution for all production areas. This type of door can be adapted to suit individual requirements using either the heavy stress or light stress doors. Our brand new antibacterial BAC Stop system kills 99.9% of bacteria found on hands upon contact. This makes the swing doors especially suitable for production areas in food manufacturing.


  • Very flexible due to soft material
  • Suitable for nearly every height and width
  • Long lasting and low maintenance
  • Durable and safe
  • Guaranteed hygiene through antibacterial material

Areas of Use

  • Production areas – especially in food production
  • Storage and cooling warehouses
  • Areas with heavy fork lift traffic (variant for heavy stresses)
  • Areas with pedestrian traffic (variant for light to medium stresses)
Flip Flap Swing Doors

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