Flip Flap & Swing Doors

Pedestrian Traffic Doors (light impact)


Industrial traffic doors (high impact/ forklift)


The combination of versatility with a high ability to withstand stress makes industrial swing doors the ideal solution for all production areas. This type of door can be adapted to suit individual requirements using either the heavy stress or light stress doors. Our brand new antibacterial BAC Stop system kills 99.9% of bacteria found on hands upon contact. This makes the swing doors especially suitable for production areas in food manufacturing.


  • Very flexible due to soft material
  • Suitable for nearly every height and width
  • Long lasting and low maintenance
  • Durable and safe
  • Guaranteed hygiene through antibacterial material

Areas of Use

  • Production areas – especially in food production
  • Storage and cooling warehouses
  • Areas with heavy fork lift traffic (variant for heavy stresses)
  • Areas with pedestrian traffic (variant for light to medium stresses)

Portylene Swing Doors


Our Portylene Doors have been developed for refrigerated and frozen areas using insulated materials. The excellent insulating properties in combination with a rapid closing mechanism provide an ideal energy saving solution. This innovation is based on the proved and tested swing doors made of ISO-certified, physiologically harmless Portylene. This makes them particularly suitable for the food industries with high standards of hygiene.


  • Individual sizes possible
  • Long-lasting with low maintenance requirements
  • Durable and safe
  • Quick and simple installation
  • Resistant to grease, acids, solvents and cleaning agents
  • Cold-resistant down to -30° C
  • Comprehensive range of safety equipment, with impact protection or seals for optimal finger protection

Areas of Use

  • Storage and cooling warehouses
  • Foodstuffs industry (especially the meat and dairy sector)
  • Production plants
  • Consumer markets


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