Tom Whitaker’s Tempus Foods Pt. 2

Traditionally charcuterie is produced within the confines of stone cellars in Italy and France, with the cuts of meat being cured and aged to produce beautiful salamis, sausages and other flavoursome products.

Tom Whitaker’s flare and passion for charcuterie has brought this to process to Surrey, with the help of MTCSS and CB Refrigeration. Tom’s culinary business has developed since becoming a Masterchef Finalist in 2010, with his company the London Dining Concept delivering bespoke fine dining. You can find out more about the start of Tom’s business ventures and love of all things charcuterie on our blog Tempus Foods Pt. 1.

Now Tempus Foods will produce the best of British Charcuterie with the help of Tom’s business partner – the winner of Masterchef 2010 and self-proclaimed Charcuterie fiend – Dhruv Baker and MT Cold Storage.

MTCSS were able to produce the environments required to create the highest quality cured products.. The MTCSS team installed an array of cold rooms, vital to the method of producing charcuterie – this included one dual purpose chiller and freezer room, to freeze pigs and beef coming in which had not yet to be butchered; one ambient room for the aging process; one temperature controlled room to prep the meats from cutting to curing; one freezer to store the cuts of meat and one chiller to store the curing meats.

MTCSS supplied and installed the monoblock refrigeration units for the dual purpose chiller and freezer – this cold room was used as a holding freezer for three to four months a year. A split refrigeration system was fitted in this freezer to act as a chiller for the remaining months of the year. The MTCSS team also installed the flooring within the prep room using a classic altro floor cover – we applied capping and cover to form a waterproof seal to the walls.

This bank of cold rooms was designed to imitate the stone cellars used in Italy and France, creating the temperature conditions with monoblocks and other refrigeration units. The use of space available in the building was carefully considered, ensuring the maximum space was able to be used in each cold storage unit. The refrigeration units were installed above the coldrooms, on top of the mezzanine to avoid using space which could be used to store and prepare the meats.

Adhering to the strict deadlines in place by the incoming produce, MTCSS and CB Refrigeration successfully installed their cooling solution to meet Tom Whitaker’s vision and allow his British Charcuterie innovation to come to life.

The deadlines haven’t stopped there for Tom Whitaker and his partner-in-charcuterie Dhruv Baker, the pair have found themselves working 12-15 hours a day at the beginning of the week in order to prep the volume of meat coming in. And then it will be nearly 2 months before their first product is ready, the initial batch being used as samples for those waiting to get their hands on it.

You can find Tom on Twitter to follow his charcuterie journey @Mr_Fennel, alongside Dhruv @DhruvBaker1. Or you can find out more about Tom’s other business venture The London Dining Concept on their website.

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