Cold Room Doors

When you are investing in cold storage, it is important not to overlook the door. A key piece of your cold room insulation, a good-quality insulated cold room door can make the difference between a well-optimised, efficient, cost-effective cold room and an expensive problem – so take care when choosing your cold room doors!

Luckily, MT Cold Storage Solutions are here to help. Our industry-leading experience and dedicated expert teams help to ensure that we can provide the ideal cold room insulation for your needs, whatever they may be.

What to Consider When Choosing Cold Room Doors

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Sliding Doors

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Our range of Sliding doors to suit all applications for negative and positive temperatures.

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Hinged Doors

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Our extensive Range of Hinged doors to suit all applications for negative and positive temperatures.

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Service Doors

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Our range of Service doors are typically used for technical areas, offices and toilets.

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Specialised Doors


Our range of specialised doors includes vertical lift, automatically operated and controlled atmosphere doors.

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Watch this video of the MTH Door Overview.


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Controlled Atmosphere Doors

These sliding doors are specifically designed and developed for cold room installations where a controlled atmosphere is required, ensuring efficient, effective sealing of the cold room up to -5°C.

MTH controlled atmosphere doors are equipped with a patented sliding system and have several components in stainless steel.

Hinged Doors

MTH has a range of refrigerated hinged doors, to suit different temperature needs, each equipped with an EN179:2008 certified handle and an heating cable on the blade, for negative cold room temperatures to -40°C subject to individual application.

Personnel / Service Doors

For office areas, toilets and machine rooms, choose MTH personnel/service semi-insulating, hinged doors.